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  PUM :D
Posted at 8/30/2010 10:24:00 PM
So bored today. D:

Today got PUM ler. :)
We over RM6.20. :P hehe! then cikgu Hafiz say we melampau get over this time.
Then Nadzrin say that he's day ever over till RM20+. :O
Then, cikgu hafiz say that, that is wrong. haha!
I was like, if short, also he say wrong, over also say wrong. What they want from us? xD 

After PUM, me, Amar, Nadzrin and Melvina play that islam monopoly. :P
We don't know how to play that thing? ==
It's so weird? Not like the normal monopoly. what the~~

So we ended up camwhoring with the money. x)


Then, Cass come, cause we have to discuss about the BM aural.
Syamsul was late? Weird. It's he's idea that we do this thing and yet he didn't come early. ==
So I called him, he said that he was sleeping. What thee~~
I was like, "You're a bad excuse for a guy"
Then, after he come, we discuss2, then suddenly dady call.
He asked me what time I wanna come back, I answer 5pm lh.
Then syamsul whisper, 5.30pm. 
Dady say, "what?! 5.30pm?! who said that?!"
Then I was like, "errrr"
Then dady say, he's going to pick now. ==
All Syamsul fault. LOL
Luckily I didn't get free lectures for nothing. 

So after dady pick me up, go he's office, then I go Spring. x)
Musa come back ler from school. LOL
I miss that kiddo. :P
Anyways, I went to see Jayson.
I felt different with him. Like, I no longer see him as someone I love.
Just as a friend. xD
This is quite good, and I guess I was never sad because I lost him.
Maybe at the first, yeaa.
But this few days, I feel like, I was sad, because of emptiness storing in me, and i'm lonely.

Musa help me tie shoe. wow! ==

Moral-of-the-story; Never lie, because once you do, it will change someone perspective about you.


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