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  High :D
Posted at 8/20/2010 12:38:00 AM
Wanna know a fact ;)
Bejang geometry set costs about RM75.50. xD 
And I'm the mean-o who rasmikan he's new geometry set even though he said DON'T :)
WTF he buy so expensive one. So rich ar him got money to buy things like that. xD

This morning seems unusual. ==" usually I will write late-comers, but this morning I didn't. TT
Haiz! I realize that I get paranoid so easily even though something minor isn't in my normal schedule anymore. :P ehehe~ true what,, I feel empty. TT,

Anyways, today Bio was fun. :)
Teacher taught us the kancil concept. :P haha!
Let me see if I remember. x)
Oxygen diffuses into the blood capillaries via the alveoli and into the red blood cell. :)
The red blood cell is the kancil which only can occupy four oxyhaemoglobin which is Kevin. :P
Then the kancil drive all the way to the other cell to diffuse the oxygen. :P
And to get carbon dioxide from the cell. arh? xP 
The carbon dioxide is Harry. :) He is call carbaminohaemoglobin. LOL. what a long name but DCPIP is longer. :P haha! Anyways, because carbon dioxide is bigger than oxygen, therefore the kancil isn't enough to occupy more of it, therefore we could only bring one Harry back plus he could only fit the boot. :P haha!
What happens if carbon monoxide enter the picture? :P haha!
After it diffuse into the red blood cell, which means now the kancil carries 3 Kevin and guess who is the carbon monoxide. XD Soon. LOL :P
So the kancil carries 3 Kevin(which is not enough) and 1 Soon. :)
And this Soon very stubborn don't want to get out of the car. :P meaning less Kevin would be brought around.
Meaning less carbon dioxide. :O 
+Soon is called, carboxyhaemoglobin if i'm not mistaken. :P

Today recess, I don't know where to duty. =="
Ish,, why do they have to change the duty? I'm fine with my previous duty. Grrr.

Dady bought me a new ruler cause mine lost. :'( Don't know where lost, haiz! That ruler 3 years already ar.
Uhuhuhuu~ Anyways, I never want to trust him buying anything for me anymore. :P
Here's why, =="

It's so, erh? That I had to modify it. :P haha!

It is pretty now? xD LOL :)

Day 28; Someone That Changed Your Life.
Someone that changed my life? I don't think no one can change who I am. :)
Jayson himself tried to change me into someone more mature, but I still act like an immature lil girl. :D
But still, I've grown by common sense. :D haha!
Okay? The only person, that has been doing some changes in my life is JESUS. :)
He rocks. :P From the me in 2006 to the new reform me in 2007. 
Before 2007, I admitted that I was a dishonest(sometimes), curser and such. LOL
And now, it's hard for me to lie without feeling guilty. and I curse but lesser. LOL or actually I don't curse at all? :P haha! I usually say, F or WTF. :P haha!
Anyways, Jesus made me realize how other people felt when I do somethings or He made me feel like the person I've hurt. Therefore, I'm a little scared to hurt someone feelings. That's why it's hard for me to keep myself happy. Because I think I'm to nice till sometimes people tend to step on me. *sigh*


Retarded HIGH girl :))

Moral-of-the-story; The old story can never be the new one. :P



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