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  Hari Raya
Posted at 9/14/2010 09:25:00 PM
1 Malaysia :D

I woke up pretty late this morning. :P Last night I played Sims till 12am+ then suddenly the laptop off by itself. o.O siak soi D; Laptop also know how to sulk when it's hot. Grrr~ haha!
So I text people lh till almost 2, I guess? xD

Morning, wakeup then bath then online, :P
then dady wanna go out, so I asked him send me to Olga's house :)

That time, I chat with Olga. :P haha!
When I arrived her house already, I go up her online room and wait outside the door. That time I still chat with her use facebook free acess for DiGi. :P
I told her to open her door, cause I'm outside the room. :P
ahah! When she open the door, she shock like what. ahahaha! :D

We wait for time to past by looking at ah lians and ah bengs photos. :P
Then we gossip about them. haha! >D so mean~

Then we go down play with her niece, then eat, so on. :)

Then go up me online again, xD Suddenly Eva and Janice come. see more ah lians photos.

Before we knew it, we were already in a taxi off to Cikgu Roslee house :)

We like sakai kia in the taxi :D Like first time only, ahahha! xD
Olga got Mr Yap number from online, :P He was the highest rated among the rest. LOL
I was like, "Not the highest always like high class like that kh? Later he charge us more ar"

Husna ask him to drop us at the junction. And we had to walked in. xD
Husna chia eat ice cream. weee~ :D

This in the shop where Husna bought our ice cream. :)
Got sell 2nd hand comic books and tapes. LOL. :P Got meh people play those tapes again? o.O
I think now people play PS2/PS3 leh. haha! :P

Walk, walk, walk. Ahhh~ Arrive dy :D yay! :)

Assalamualaikum! aik tak jawab?
Selamat Pagi Cikgu! :D Aik tak jawab? :0
Cikgu!! :D aikk??
Cikgu datang buka pintu tak berbaju, bwahahha ;D
he's watching his indon drama and we had to disturb him. :P

After we eat some snacks, Olga ask Cikgu Roslee if can karaoke or not. xD
So yeaaa.. hahaha!
My voice no more liao. xD LaLaLaLa

Cikgu Roslee and he's wife :)
He's wife is an AWESOME singer. :0 weeehoo! xD
Olga them even say that he's wife ever join Bintang RTM. :)) Walao!

When I sang Taylor Swift, Forever and Always, I was looking at my phone. xD
I was looking at Jayson's number. wakakkaka ;3

When wanna go back was the hardest part, especially for Olga. D;
I needed to be a chacha kindergarten by 6+pm.
But Olga didn't wanna budge. xD she still wanna sit there and sing. :P
Last2, 5.50+ we go out. :)
CIkgu Roslee send. hahaha! :D
We sat at the back of he's truck. LaLaLa....

Olga was the craziest :D
We all just sit still and laugh, she was like standing, and screaming around. :D
many boys see. :D hahaha!
I tried to stand up beside Olga, but I ended up falling. Lucky I hold on grip to the stand or else I might fall down the truck. :0

But the fun had to end sooner or later. Poor Olga. :P

We had to get in the car before the police catch us. haha!
But no police leh? And sitting at the back of the truck car was awesome. B)

Hah~~ The end :) so tired... and sleepy... xD
the whole reason why I online so early. cause usually I online like 10+ LOL.
Maybe I wanna sleep early later ;)


 Mr. Yap better thank me for promoting his taxi. xD haha!

Moral-of-the-story; When you finally get what you want, you will always lose what you had.

Dhaa x)

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