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  Ouwy :(
Posted at 9/28/2010 04:38:00 PM
27 September 2010

My bruise :0 hahaha! Darn you telematch :))

Anyways, Me ad Syamsul compete against each other in the Nata De Coco eating competition. :D
I don't know who won. :0
Cause Charlston ate a quarter of Syamsul's and I thought Syamsul ask me throw away a quarter of mine.
But I accidentally threw away 3 quarters of my newly open Nata De Coco. :0
So whatever lh. :)
I was like eating as fast as I could, Juice was every where. haha! xD

Then Cass break promise :(
She say she wanna play rain with me. haiz. Then I was like playing rain alone. Grrr.
She say I misinterpret her,
So I ask her to talk to GREGORY, but she didn't also.
This comes to show, and has proven that, no matter what, PROMISES ARE MEND TO BE BROKEN.

Afternoon PUM, Melvina didn't come so me alone :( haiz

After PUM, go Spring, xD ahha!
I go Bata ler. LOL. Long time didn't go there. :))
I serve customer, ahah! I always wanted to do that. :D

Then before go back, Me, Musa, Raymond and Roland eat peanuts, drink 100plus use the cut bottle. :D
So funny. haha! Then I asked Roland about the North Star bear that my supervisor gave him, joshua and Raymond. :P He said if I want, I can ask :DD
So when I want to walk out bata dy, Roland so make noise go and say, "Ney patung kw yh?" :D
My supervisor was like, "what patung?" then she ask me if I want the bear or not. :P

It's name is Popobear :D haha!
And erm, it's nickname is B-Bear Teddie :)) LOL. It can breakdance better than Sie Tak and Harry, :P

Moral-of-the-story; Never believe a promise. But never doubt one too.

Dhaa ;D


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