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  Good Morning America :D
Posted at 9/23/2010 03:54:00 PM
"Good morning America" :D

This is what I said the moment I enter class this morning. I was quite early I guess? :0
Can see only a few people and Kevin's still sleeping. :P

Me cam-whoring? :D haha!
Some people ask me why my photos always at the side? :P
Some ask, why must edit? :P
I answer, cause I look good at that angle and I don't want to look ugly in photos.
xD haha! Means, my photos are not real? Arh, no leh. :P
My photos still look like me :) ehehe~
Just with extra addition.

Biology time.

Pris: Cass, how submerged plant suddenly appear on water?
Cass: I don't know? God ask them to be there.
Pris: Teacher, how submerged plant can suddenly appear on water?
Teacher: By introduction of other animals. What you think God just ask them to appear there kh?
Pris: That's what she say. *points at Cass*
Cass: *stares as if she wanted to bash pris up*
Teacher: *laugh*

Joshua asked my advise on how to flirt with a girl. Or start to flirt,
I told him, get a rose, and write a letter. Burn the sides and crumple it so it would look old.
Yeaa so it sounds like old-fashioned but I guess that's pretty romantic.

Joshua: aiee? macam orang lama-lama sahaja. :0
Pris: pakai hp manada ikhlas. =.=" where got sincere. send letter than use hp lh. haiya.
Joshua: but she no hp bo.
Pris: bodo! how to use cara sekarang if she doesn't even have a hp. =.="
No shit. :D

I can't wait for this Saturday telematch. woot**

Moral-of-the-story; Reaction is an act of unconsciousness while the act of action is done consciously. 

Dhaa ;)


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