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Posted at 9/07/2010 10:02:00 PM
Helloooo Worlddd! :D

Went to Spring with Delson, Valerie and Fifi just now. :)
Gah, Got see Phyllis, Eva and Janice.
Then me, fifi and Phyllis wait for people at Starbucks. :P
Phyllis wait for Cheng, I wait for Delson.
Then after Delson come, Phyllis and Cheng go away. =.=
Delson wait for Valerie, ALONE, while me and fifi enjoy Big Apple Donut. Nyum2 ^^

Ahhh.. My donut is the lemon slice and coconut filling? Fifi is the all chocolate one.
haha! I hate the chocolate donut, =.= so euww the taste. LOL

After that, we go MBO. :)
It was kinda difficult for us to choose a movie, cause of fifi age(the worker thought me, and Deleries is above 18, ahah). Plus, Delerie(Valerie+Delson) watch almost all the movie, =.="

Finally, we chose.....

Grownups :)
So awesome the movie ^^
We went into the hall earlier, and still got so many time, so I sempat go online. :P

During the movie?
I keep on laughing. LOL. Laugh my ass off :DD ahahaha!

After movie, go SCR. :)

This two. Camera shy xD haha!

Ahhh,, Delson keep on reminding me about the old times. :(
Whatever lh =')
Valerie so nice, sponsor me and fifi eat fried wanton and drink ice lemon tea. :P haha!
Thankiess ^^

Go dady office,, :P

Dady colleague give ferero rocher :) wish it was kinder bueno though, xD
Anyways, got some people give dady all kind of food, including chocolate.
So I ate to much, and kinda got sick from it. wakakak ;3

Ahhh,, tomorrow got tuition. >.> so lazy. TT
anyways, just now I saw my physic tuition teacher at Spring. LOL. :0

Moral-of-the-story; To much chocolate, brings the doctor (not) away. :D

Dhaa :)


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