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  I'm weird :D
Posted at 9/30/2010 04:54:00 PM

I be an awesome lawyer :D \m/

Today was okay? arh. LOL
I got owned by my own blog post. haha! *shrug*
I sound selfish in the previous post, but whatever. haha! It's how I feel. LOL

Anyways, this morning during Bio, Miss Jacinta took the Beta's to the pond at the front of the teacher's room. :P
we had to do 2 things at once, 
clean it by pulling and composing the floating plant AND collecting animals living in the roots of the floating plant. :P 
At first, it was an OMG euww thing, :P but when she asked us to go back go the classroom it turns into NOO. I WANNA COLLECT SOME MORE. LOL :D
So thanks to Beta and Alpha, the pond is now nearly cleared from the floating plant floating around, :P
Yeeehhaaa! Anyways, the Beta's boys so Gay :P
Especially Max and Desmond. hahaha! Max okay lh, at least he got do some, by some I mean few, :P
Desmond didn't do anything, haha! Just sit and see us, :P

Desmond told me the most shocking news, xD
I'm on the Dinner Committee? I'm the usher, whoa~ :0 LOL.
Thanks Lek Heng, =.="
Anyways, I told Desmond how my plan was to come an hour late, but now I have to come 2 hours early.
LOL. I wanna be fashionably late, :DD 
BTW, I was just joking about the an hour late, LOL. No way I miss cam-whoring for 1 hour, :P
can't wait. haha! :D

After school, eat at Supreme Chicken Rice. LOL. SCR, they poser Singapore Chicken Rice, =.="
The food was like, =.=" omg they so greedy. haha!
I was like, complaining about fifi's, dady's and Jeff's order being so little and all,
Then I say, "if yours is that little, sure mine is worser. not enough eat later"
When my food come, it was, unexpectedly a lot. :D haha! 
Then I tell fifi, "they hear my cries of hunger. they see me not enough eat" hahaha! xD

On top all, I still prefer Singapore Chicken Rice more than anything. ==

I don't know what to believe. I don't want to stop believing you, but the prove speaks it all.

Moral-of-the-story; Team work creates the best work ever.

Dhaa :D


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