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  FairyTales don't exist =S
Posted at 9/06/2010 04:56:00 PM
Fairytale Pictures, Images and Photos

I tell myself so many times, FAIRYTALES DON'T EXIST.
Maybe, I'm just stuck in between?
People tell me I watch to much TV. :P
I don't, I spend mostly of my time in front of the laptop. LOL

Nah,, maybe I'm just lonely.
Plus, I'm a dreamer ;)
I'm spend most of my night, dreaming. haha!

Or maybe, I listen to Taylor Swift's songs.
Most of her songs has the theme fairytale screaming in it. :P
Maybe, just maybe.

Random =)

Life's not a Fairytale Pictures, Images and Photos


Anyways, I've changed my blog skin. :)
Actually, I changed it last night, but the effin skin didn't work, so I had to change it again.
Grrr. That skin was pretty :'(
Nevermind. This current skin rock even more, \m/

Robson can't go tomorrow. >.>
Wonder who Delson's bringing. haha! LOL

So boring. :(
And I'm to effin lazy to do the work book. xD ahha!
Tonight ler, I promise to do. ^^

Studies is more important than anything.

Last night I sleep really-really late. o.O
I chat with Robson. xD
Than, this morning wake up my head was in so much pain, TT

I want the Glee RUN JOEY RUN video D:

Time changes everything but the heart of a person.

Moral-of-the-story; Don't forget the people that once made your day.

Dhaa :)

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