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Posted at 9/19/2010 03:57:00 PM
I think I should stop stalking on Donghae now :D
wakakka ;3

Oh my hae :D
I especially love the one he wore specs :))
My oppa

Anyways, just now after church, saw Isuzu showhouse got some occasion.
So dady decided to drop by.
Got so many games, and free food? :D which was kinda ugly. haha!
Anyways, I played 6 games, 4 winnings, 2 give up, and i have to collect 8 stamps.
Awww, to bad chacha take my phone otherwise, I'll have some pictures to upload.
haih. nevermind.
Anyways, I know I can win em all, but I was to lazy cause my korean drama almost start. :D
Love, Bread and Dreams. awesome!

I felt the presence of God in me. He makes me stronger from what I am.

Yesterday experience is not enough to handle tomorrow challenge.

Moral-of-the-story; never be to greedy.

Dhaa :))

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