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  Hari Raya ke2 :D
Posted at 9/11/2010 10:36:00 PM

It's the 2nd Raya :D haha!
Today, we go 3 house also only. :)

At the second house, dady's colleague house, I saw Cikgu Spaincer, :P
haha! I was like, "I ever see that woman" :0
Than I think, think, LOL. It's his wife ler. :) She ever come to school to look for him.
And that was like a year ago? walao. :P
My brain so li hai ler can trace people from the past. :)

Anyways, nothing much lh today. :)

After go visiting, go Wisma Wan shopping. But no offer, so mumy didn't really buy anything. :P
Then go Tabuan Plaza :) ahaha! ;3
I buy new shirt, >D wakakakak! :D
Lalalala. Anyways, the thing I hate the most is, bra-shopping with my mum, =.="
It's embarassing, D; haiz!

Then go back home, heh, nothing much. :)

Pictures ;>

 We were being Ah Lians xD
Well, only me. haha!

 Fifi new boyfriend, ;3

Mumy so funny, xD

Funny. :)
My mum keep on asking me to be a politician one day. :) LOL
Yeahh! Im aiming to be Datin, ;> since before already, xD
So she asked me to read all the politics book that dady own, =.="
Eyhh, wait, I think now I know why she asked me to read dady's book.
Because she don't want me to buy more books and flood the house, >.<
What the...

Anyways, I like how when I talk with my parents about something,
it came out as something funny. :)

I learn that ;> means, one eye wink, with one hand peace on the mouth. xD

Moral-of-the-story; Adventur-ing is fun! :D

Dhaa ;)

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