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  Two months
Posted at 9/09/2010 08:34:00 PM

It's been two months since I broke up. :D

A month ago, exactly 12am,
She was seen crying, listening to all the songs that reminded her of him.
Nothing could cheer her up, Nothing at all.
She thought she was stronger back then, but she wasn't at all.
Faking smile the whole day.
She texts him, hoping he would reply.
Don't she look like a broken hearted fool back then.
Asking him to celebrate a month of un-togetherness together.

A month later, yeah, it felt great.
She was a lot stronger, a lot happier. 
Throughout the nights she spend, the best night are the night where she cried her heart out.
But as time past, crying wasn't her thing anymore.
Instead, she tried to smile, tried to make new company.
And finally, after all the trying, she finally, found something worth smiling for a while.
Although it wasn't lasting, it felt good.
She felt emptiness along the way, followed by lonliness.
Guess, nothing could cured her.
She knows she was over him, she knows he wasn't worth anything.
But still, listening to his favorite song was her past time.
Till one day, she finally open her eyes.
One by one of his songs, she deleted them. 
It was hard, but she was brave. His songs were her songs too.
It was hard.

She's still trying her very best to stop everything.
To stop all those memories. 
Even though it wasn't her bestest, even though she didn't want to let go.

But thank God, she now learns that whatever comes from the past, stays in the past.
So he meant nothing to her. 
Oh, Thank God.
She finally smile, without feeling that burden in her.



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