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  Old times sake
Posted at 9/09/2010 09:20:00 PM
It's my 2nd birthday. Ahh,
So cute^^

My family(back then), celebrating my 1st birthday. awww

My 2nd birthday again, xD

It's me, don't know what age. :)
(mind the passport picture at the side.) XD

Me and my mum. awww again,

This is me and Aaron. =)
We look almost the same? LOL

Ahh, the reason I'm showing my childhood pictures is that, I want to share whats been on my mind.
My childhood days was the best, :)
And I wouldn't trade it for anything. haiz
I had my falls back then, but still I manage to survive it like any other normal human would.
Back then, I remember I used to sleep early at night and wake up around 5am the next day, then wakes my little sister up, and we would watch TV together. Until the sun comes out.
Then we would follow dady go to the market. Ahh, how I missed those market times.
Now, it's like I barely go to the market. Since they tore down the 70 years old market and built the new Stutong Market, going out in the morning doesn't turn me up anymore.
The new market, isn't as market-ty like the old one.
It's erm, big? yeah. that's good. convenient? Erm. But I just don't feel like it's a market.
I always wonder why the government wants to tear down the 70 years old market, for peek sakes, I've dreamt of taking my kids there, but uh oh they had to tear it down.
Plus, who knows, it would be a landmark some day. All, I'm saying is, that they shouldn't tear it down.
Soon, it'll be 100 years old and tourist might come and visit it. boohoo.
They look down over it. Tearing someones dream is all they do. LOL

Anyways, I remembered how me, Marc, Nahum, Jackelyn and Jacelyn would played outside in the evening.
Riding on our bikes, racing and stuff.
Now, it's like we can do it on facebook. Which is not as fun as doing it physically.
It was when I was my little siblings age, I would played out all evening, and when the moon comes, mumy would scream my name asking me to go back home.
But even now, my little siblings are always in home playing games. online-ing. what the hell, =.=
Well, that's because their are no one to played with them.
I wonder what happen to Pearl. LOL

So many things had changed.

 people makes mistakes once or twice, and they learn something out of it.
It's like maths only maybe it's harder.

As a child, I've experienced hurts, betrayers, and so on in a thing called FRIENDSHIP.
As a child, I've learnt that you shouldn't play fire with fire. You shouldn't send false love letters to your friend just to get even. You shouldn't get back on your friend at all.
As a child, love meant nothing to me. Nothing at all.
Although I've been in a relationship back then, but it wasn't real. It was just puppy love. It was like you think his your forever, but his actually not.
Back to the story, ahh,
I've learnt to that no person is worth the trust unless you knew them for 3 years.
But still, never cast caution into the winds.
You should always be ever more careful. You never know, even your bestfriends might end up betraying you.

As a teenager, I learn a new different things.
Though my life as a teenager, has yet to meet it's ending, but it felt like it's been a lot of things, I've learn so far.
What I learn in my teenage years are things way further than friendships, it's called, RELATIONSHIPS.
Sweet, sour, salty and bitter RELATIONSHIPS.
I've been in all sort of relationships, but there's still more to learn. LOL
There's a lot to say about this ship. But at the same time, there's nothing to talked about.

After reviewing all my childhood photos, I realized they are one thing my family hadn't done in years.
That is celebrate birthdays together, with a cake.
I miss those moments.
Now, I know what I want for my birthday.
It isn't a new ipod, or a new shirt or something new.
It's my family gathering around, singing birthdays while watching me cut the cake.
I want memories.
It's like a dream, but the difference is, it's REAL.

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