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  St Jo Prefect Telematch :D
Posted at 9/25/2010 04:50:00 PM

Just as Hakim said it,
Welcome to the St Joseph Junior World Telematch 2010. :)
Awesome. haha!

This morning, I was fashionably late ;3 haha!
But luckily nothing happened if we late register. phew :)

We met Camp(a guy name), he asked us to hand in all our phones.
I was like, what this telematch can cheat one meh? :0
But nolh, it's to prevent from getting stolen or wet.

We started at 8.30am, and ended at around one.

I was in team 4 :D

See-yee, me, Brenda, and Serena.
That guy down there is James. :) haha! The only boy. :P
And he's quite the center of attention. :) LOL 
anyways, we were AWESOME. ^^

The game I think is most challenging is the IQ test which Serena manage to answer all. :0
Like seriously, xD ahah!

I like cock-fight though. :) We and Virginia fought against each other over Olga. :P haha!
And I won! xD 
Then boring-est game would be ping pong bowling. zz. which I didn't even play at all.
The most tired game would be Belatuk and Belalang. I hate that game so much. :P ahaha!
The scariest would be the climbing up the poles? :0 haha! Their's this one girl, Yvonne from Lodge,
she climbed up and got stuck up down, I was like why she don't want to go down, waste time. :P
So when it was my turn, I climbed up, and saw how high it was, :P
Then I was like, "OMG! NOW I KNOW HOW SHE FELT"
Challenging would be crawling over the ropes. :P Boys could lose something and would never get to see Father's Day. haha! :D
I tried to go through, I did, 3 times actually. I didn't want to give up, but at last I had to D: awww. 
The cold-ess challenge was definitely the coin thing. they poured like a lot, a LOT of ice in a bucket, with salt, and it's like your hand gets all numb-ny. =.=" Geezz
And the most icky-est challenge would be, going down under the ropes thingy. It's like NS :P haha!

My new friend, Jacky :D He reminds me of Ah How. LOL

Serena and I <3 :)

It was quite tiring. phew. =.=
We got wet, wet, and wet + itchy? :0
I got burns, cuts, sore, what else? LOL. hhaha!

during the photo taking session, on the 2nd shot, we got splashed by waters. :0
which was a OMG thing. ahaha!
All got wet. LOL. Lucky I got bring extras :P

+I think I got food poisoning too. :P haha!
I eat sandwich didn't wash hand. ahahahahha!

Moral-of-the-story; If you're angry, please don't take it out on me. No wonder there's a quote, saying that if you smile, the whole world smile with you. If you're sad, the whole world cries with you. =.="

Dhaaa ;)


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