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  Sketch Competition
Posted at 9/20/2010 06:00:00 PM
Just now got Sketch Competition between the three science class. :)
Supposely to have four, but don't know what happen to Teta. =.=" poor them.
The opportunity to win really big bh. :0

Anyways, Beta did last minute. Really last minute. xD ahahaha!

Alpha one :)

I got take many pictures but line won't let me upload it :'( Grrr,,
Buuu, Beta group picture don't want upload de, TT
Nevermind! uhuhuhu,,

Anyways, Beta sketch was awesome and funny and awesome. :D
I'm the rock who always look back and give signals and stuff. :P

Oh2, Alpha one about Romeo and Juliet, I like the part where Jerry(Romeo) propose and dance with Xiao Ying(Juliet) awww ;)

When Cikgu Annie annouce that team 2 won, I was like, was it us? then stare at the teacher.
Then I jump and down, it is US :))
Beta won!
weeeehooooo! Our one day paid off ;)

But Madam Flowrese was like feeling all guilty and stuff cause she was like sitting near the judges. =/
We know she didn't bribe them or something. Grrrr...

Moral-of-the-story; Books maybe worthless but it is the best thing a person could ever own. :)

Dhaa ^^

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