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  Assembly Program
Posted at 9/21/2010 04:23:00 PM
My mooncake :D
Nobody sent to me, I have to sent it to myself. awww :D
It was GreenTea flavor. Nyums

To: Priscilla
Message: Cheer up love! There's move like than fairytales.
From: Priscilla

Then I realize they got the quote wrong. =/ awww
it's suppose to be, Cheer up love! There's more to life than fairytales. =.="

Charlston give to himself also. :P To Charlston Kho, From Xu Ming Ming. =.="
He's imaginary girlfriend. sad, :P

Yesterday evening, there were this news about Tuesday Assembly Program.
All students except form 5 are suppose to wear traditional costume or formal dressing.
So I was like asking around. :P haha!
I even call Cikgu Ellena, =.="
She told me about the program and so on.
So I go and spread the news about the program on facebook. :P
See how useful facebook is. :D
Around midnight, I was sleeping, she text me again. said that students are NOT encourage to use school uniform. LOL. I told everyone on facebook earlier on that school uniform was allowed. =.="
So early morning, I forward her text to everyone. :0 Haiz.

When I come to school, not many people use. =/
After assembly, Madam Elizabeth was all disappointed with the prefects because the news was suppose to be  spread by the prefects. whateverlh =/ I didn't know till I online facebook, :P
Again, how USEFUL facebook is. :)

I was like all fussy last night about what to wear. :P
Cikgu Ellena says nothing glamorous, and I don't have baju kurung. I tried on 3 baju kurung, 1st no skirt, 2nd skirt to tight, lucky the 3rd one was okay. :)

People say my baju kurung look like Cikgu Ellena's >.>

During Sivik, Cikgu Ellena didn't come. :)
So me, Olga, Husna, Kelly, Joshua, Syamsul, Kenny(unexpected visitor) played Truth and Dare =))

Pris: Tell the truth why you can't sleep last night? Who you think about at nights and who you dream of.
Syamsul: Arrhh -struggles for a few minutes- Gah! I can't sleep cause I was worried about you, I think of you and I dream of you.
Pris: -butterflies in stomach- :)

I love him so much ^^

Syamsul: Are you in love now?
Pris: no :)

But that's the truth too! :P

Moral-of-the-story; Sunshines are better than moonlight. Happiness are better than sadness. :)

Dhaa ^^


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