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  My memories
Posted at 9/13/2010 11:25:00 PM
Niuu.. Holiday slow down D;
It's almost school time again ;( puff.. so boring.. 

I'm going to post about all the memorable 2009 pictures I found in my old laptop :D

So here goess...

This is during last year Family Day :) I could still remember the date, 1 May 2009, it's the day my beloved ipod-nee died ;( haiz. and I remember the date mostly cause Family Day happens every year, so yeahh. :D

This is her :'( Huhh~ Well, I'm going to get a new one, LOL, if can. xD
But I'm planning to use my own money to buy the latest one, :D

Then, there was RIMUP. :P

 Back then, I didn't know her actually. :D haha! Just simply take a random picture with her. :)
Georgia :)


I think, RIMUP 2010 is even awesome-er :D
It's so much action, and cam-whoring and stuff :) huh~~

I remember this photo :D Me, Olga, Pat love to go try-out clothes at everise :P
(Taktwu malu) xD
Anyways, I have a shirt just like the last picture of me and Olga. I have a shirt just like Olga dress. :P
Funny how I said to her during that time, that shirt is hideous :D And now I own one.

I miss Vero :(
Haha! me and my friends :) happy moments.
This year, just doesn't seem as fun as last year with them, :'(

oh2! Vero, dalam pendrive saya ada banyak gambar kamu time kamu masih ada hp hijau tu :D
Ingat tak kamu suruh saya simpan gambar kamu sebab kamu takut gambar kesayangan kamu tu hilang?haha!

This is during KRS meeting :)
Me and Mel miss Vero so much that day, so we decided to pretend like she's never gone. :)


Me and Pat :)
During tuition time at Sri Bintang.
I like those moments too. It's like I like to go to tuition. Have the spirit too!
But now, it's like, huh~ tomorrow go tuition SOBS.
Maybe because in tuition I so lonely, especially physics. Add maths not so bad, xD
In Sri Bintang, it's like all my friends are there. :)
And enemy too! :D
I hate the way some people goes to tuition, talks and try to make other people feel piss off.
LOL. I talk during tuition time, but just not as much as some people. =.="
It's like, they make me can't concentrate at it. Geez
Whatever lh =.=" pass is pass right?

I remember why we took this picture :)
It's cause Tern sis wanted to see us in photo together :D haha!
I also remember that this is the time when I just got back from tuition. xD

These are all my awfully drawn stickmans drawing. xD
I never stop drawing like that. haha!
Till now, I still draw stickmans :)

Some of the pictures I find attractive. ehem2 :D

Pictures of a thousand memories :)

moral-of-the-story; Just be yourself. 

Dhaa :)


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