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  Hari Raya Pertama :D
Posted at 9/10/2010 08:57:00 PM

Raya was awesome :D

First, I ask dady to visit Syamsul house. :)
He asked me this, "Your girlfriend house at where?"
I answered him, "At Stampin" Turns around, "By the way, his a boy"
Then in the car, I told him that Syamsul is a boy, :P
He told me not to have boyfriend and stuff, =.="
He even warn me good.
So I lecture him back loe,
"What all the boys I talk to is my boyfriend?"
Gah, wish I could say, "Better still send me to St Mary/Thresa, =.="
He was being so gendersicm, D;
Lucky mumy understand. :)
Yah, dad, being all protective and stuff. I know how to care of myself.
*put hands on dady shoulder* Don't think to much, :P

At Syamsul house, his dad and my dad knew each other, xD
I guess correct, ahha!
Before that, I told Syamsul, "Sure my dad know your dad"
He didn't believe, :P (i think)
Anyways, it's true. :) his dad didn't want my dad to leave, :P
Got the Lee's there. ahh Haven't seen Hansel for quite a while till just now. :P

After Syamsul's house, we went to Datin Fatimah :D
LOL. I finally got a picture of her, xD
But it's in dady camera :( and the cable at Semarahan.
Tomorrow upload loe, :P

I like her catering this year, ^^
The beef, pulut was so soft :P nyumss

After Datin Fatimah, we went to Dato Habsah :)
It's like a tradition we visit her every year, :P LOL
anyways, she was asleep when we arrived just now, but then she woke up, :P
So what the heck,,

Next we went to dady's colleague house. :)
His son so cute and naughty, :P
His dad has all the blame through it, xD
He bribe the lil boy by buying toys every morning,
and he ended up spoilt, :P
He likes to scare his son by saying that a random guy is a policeman, :D
He even say that dady is a policeman,
I was like, "OMG. Dady change job already" xD

During the drive to all those houses, except Syamsul's.
Me, fifi, and Jeffrey were karaoke-ing the car, so awesome :D hahaha!


Ahh,, arrived home so tired, >.<

Guess what? I accidentally took this photo when I actually wanna take a photo of me and Jeff. :)
But he pushed my hand away, D; so yeaa, awesome picture anyway, xD
Thanks Jeff =)
p/s If you could see properly, on my arh? right or left? arh? on the hand with the white watch and telephone wire, if you could see properly, jeff fingers are there, xD

Moral-of-the-story; Never doubt your first instinct. Their the one that lead you to your happiness.



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