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Posted at 9/03/2010 12:12:00 AM

There's a reason why my photo seems to be appearing twice above. :D
I couldn't get fifi photo to be saved on the laptop. Geez, don't know why? >.>
But who cares. xD

Today I whole day, Guai just sit on my desk talked with Cass. :D
I didn't moved around. LOL
and yet, I don't usually moved around in class.
And he seems mad at me. :( I don't know why?
Haiz bh.

Anyways, one more freakin day and it's SCHOOL HOLIDAY for two weeks. :)
My plan for the holidays, since I can't work,
I might as well, fill it with stuff. Haha!
I planned to study my weak subject. Maybe buy a few books, do own revision and stuff.
haiz :( 
my results for UT2 really stressed me out. Grrr
Oh! I filled my holidays, with not to forget, Spring, movies and stuff.
LOL how sad :( 
my things to do during holidays, are limited..
maybe I'll watch Glee over and over. haha!
and play Sims. This few days, I seem to feel addicted to that game. ==
OMG. :0

It's my Sims. :) But now got addition, a little toddler named Snow White.. =)
The guy name is Prince Charming and the girl name is Cinderella.
Obviously I'm out of names. :D
And I guess I'm stuck in fairytales? haha! LOL. Cass even say that my life is full with Disney Characters. xD
Craps. xD
Anyways, suddenly I couldn't wait for something.. :0
LOL. Can't wait for movie day with Delson, Valerie, Robson and Patricia. xD ahah!
Next Tuesday. :) Hope everything goes well...

Sometimes, I feel so stubborn.. ==
I want something so badly, till I go through so many things, just to get things my way..
LOL. I'm selfish ;D

Anyways, I don't know why...
But I received a few texts from Galium just now. The more I read it, the more I feel piss off.
It's like, it's me and Robson thing. Why does he wants to do it too?

Moral-of-the-story; Just be yourself to impress people. Not to be someone you want to be but someone you are. The sincerity is always the best policy. :)

He is just my fairytale in this real world.

Dhaa ;)


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