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  What I did during holidays
Posted at 9/09/2010 01:00:00 AM
This is basically what I've been doing during the holidays.
And it's only been 5 days. :P haha!
My holidays has been fun.
I guess..??
I haven't whine about going back to school yet..
So I guess, it's fun? :)
It's been a long time since I've actually tasted a holiday.

Ipod-nee ^^
Me playing Luxur on koko ipod. I lovee that game :D

UNO. :)
This few days,
I've always got bribed by my lil bro, =.="

Ps2-ing :)
Need for speed underground. :P
But me and Jeff don't play that now.
Now we play Cartoon Network Racing which was more awesome than NFSU. xD

Novel-ing. LOL :D
Me reading my new novel, The Last Song.
LOL. I wrong edit picture, should be The Last Song, not My Love Story.
LOL. wth~
But the catch line is awesome though. :)

Just now got tuition.
Physics? ok ok lh. I still look blur, i so hate that chapter 5, >.<
the worst unUNderstandable topic ever! Grrr

But I like add maths tuition though.
Karen didn't come though, so left me and Naomi.
We chatted with the teacher, ;) haha!
So jealous, Naomi go camping. I so long already didn't go for a camp. :(
Anyways, I even taught that teacher how to use facebook via phone, haha!
sure she tengah online now. :P

I regretted not planning the life I wanted since 2008. :(

Moral-of-the-story: Plan before you walk. And you'll never regret a thing.

Dhaa :)


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