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  The Devil :O
Posted at 9/17/2010 12:08:00 PM
Wonder why this photo so damn weird? =.="

Anyways, wth, last night sleep at 2+ cause I can't sleep at all :( I was thinking of all the pieces of memories I wanted to leave

So this morning, at maybe 10.45am, my phone ringtone sang. :0 -Gasp-
As much as I want to reject the call, I didn't. haha! I thought it was Syamsul waking me up or what.
But niuuu, it's Vero, =.="
She ask me go Spring. LOL. I was like, "wth. I thought I said I didn't go cause to tired".
So anyways, a few minutes after her call, I went back to bed. :P But i couldn't sleep cause I was thinking.
haha! So I go ask dady if can send me not. :P He asked me ask mumy. Mumy at first say can't, but then change mind. :P So I quickly have breakfast, and bath, then chacha say she want follow too. =.=
So have to wait for chacha. haiz!

Skip to the part where I finally arrived Spring. :P

I was burning with ANTICIPATION so I ran as fast as I could to Espirit. :D ahaha!
There, I saw my long lost friends. :)

When to Food Bazaar. :)
I saw Karen and Naomi and their crew. haha! so cun leh ;3
Just last night I thought of inviting them out to Spring today also. haha! :D

So we all plan wanna watch Resident Evil,
But oh ty, they don't believe that I'm 18. wtf. haha! nevermind loe. :P
Maybe cause I was like in line with Karen them, and then the workers saw us, then Karen ask for kids ticket too. haha! So maybe that worker thought that I'm with them or something like that?
But impossible leh. =.=
When Karen give up, she say she just go Kbox nia, so I said this to her, "Bye my 16 year old friend!"
hahah! When Vero come, I tell her this, "Vero! Dia tak caya kita 18" :D
wtf. finally just watch Devil loe. LOL
Awesome movie though. :)

Before the movie, while looking for our seats, The Revenge of The King Cobra advertisement was aired, then suddenly "WAAAAAAAAAAA!" "Ahhhhhh~" Screams Priscilla in the middle of the crowd :(
Stupid advertisement scare the living creeps out of me :(
Then everybody laugh, :'( Talking about center of attention, that was really the ~center of attention~ (Emphasize)

When we finally found our seats, they were two seats only at the back. So me and Mel seat at the back loe.
But I wanted to seat with Vero too. So since they were nobody beside us, I ask her to seat there. :P
Suddenly got two men, come and look for something. Then they couldn't find it so they left.
We thought they were looking for their seats and assumed that it was their seat that Vero was seating at.
But I guess it wasn't because they never came back.
Because we were to frightened of the possibilities that Vero seat might be theirs, we changed and seat at the most front seats. :D
I was like, "ouu. no wonder nobody never wanted to seat at the 1st row" :P hahah!
Me and Mel had to lie down a bit just so we wouldn't hurt our necks. :D LOL
I guess Vero was fine? She only complain about the coldness, and that she was glad to sit at the front row cause she couldn't read the wordings compare to the third row. haha!

During the shocking scene, I screamed the most. =.=" Ass~ hahaha!

Once again, a big hand claps, AWESOME movie though. :)) haha!
Just one thing I don't get, the devil punish the sinners and take their souls?? :0 I thought it was God's job.
whateverlh. =)

After movie, we went to Apple Donut :D nyums

 This is my donut. The kiwi+pepermint green colour donuts taste ugly D;

This is Vero donuts :) Later she fat eat a lot :D

We took photos and talk :)

 I like this picture the most :))

 Mel with the im thinking pose, Pris with the happy Go Lucky pose.
Vero with the my front hair to short pose ;3

 Yay! I'm the talllest :)

Then Vero had to go back, so we accompany her. :)
I even played background music. haha!

Then me and mel left. LOL

After Mel go back, me, fifi and chacha go dady office :)


This girl. tsk2 :D
Since last year love to SS with my phone. :P haha!

Moral-of-the-story; Never sit in the first row in the cinema no matter how desperate you are. 

Dhaa :)

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