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  Wong Sian Hup Pottery
Posted at 9/04/2010 09:43:00 PM

Wong Sian Hup factory :)
It's all those machines at their 2nd factory which is my aunt's house. :)
Ahhh... I still remember when me, Vincent and Dickson played around the machine when we were still young. 
Haiz. I miss my childhood life =( sucks~
LOL. I still remember me and them two would climbed the bulldozer and play on it.
Then wake up every morning, pillow fighting, kungfu and stuff. Sweet days~
I wish my parents would go out of town again, so I can stay with them again. wakakkaa :D

Anyways, the above pictures are the first stage in a pots life. 
The clay from the clay beds were taken to this machine up there to undergo a cleansing process.
This is to separate the stones and other unwanted stuff from the clay.
Then it is taken to another factory.
Pictures down there ;)

 This is where the clean clay go to. :P

 Than it's into that big machine to process more :)

 My uncle demonstrating. The clay being poured into the molder. So full er. :0
 LOL. Than he pour the excess clay into the drain. ahh, I saw my aunt doing this once. :)
Oh2, then he let it to dry. ^^

 This is the yesterday clay-poured-into-a-molder.
But its no longer in the molder cause my uncle open the molder already. :)
And WALAH! it's a pot now. :D

 His polishing the pot now. :) 

He's carving it ;)

 This is a tong full of paint. :D

And this guy here, is colouring the pots. :) oh, how pretty. ^^

 The colouring machine. xD

 Some random things my mum ask me to take. :D
I wanna go edit this picture later, ;)

And lastly, that's the baking machine. :)

After that, it's off to the shop. ;) I didn't take the shop. Grr.
Wish I did. Nevermind. >.<

Anyways, me, Cass, Olga, Husna and Joshua made history at the pottery factory just now. :)
We needed to come out with a documentary for english project. Or else we'll loose 2 marks from our english UT2 test. no big deal~ :D haha! I'll still get an A. LOL. *proud* haha!
the only thing I'm proud of, but not enough. :(

Grrrr.. Go back to the pottery story,
Anyways, we had difficulties with the cameras. :0 OMG! conflict~ haiz
So then we decided to used Olga's phone for the video, and Joshua's phone for recording voices.
It was okay?
But in the end, it didn't worked at all. :(
The video appeared to be blured. And Olga can't seem to edit it.
But mine version of movie maker can, so yeaa..
I won't give up, I won't let all my sweats drops goes to waste. I just won't.
haiz. I think I'm able to edit it. Maybe I can.
Haiz. I'm sighing as much as a fat boy at a free food convention. LOL
(trying to be Miley Cyrus)


After all those hard times,
I finally cool of the moment I bought something new. :D ahah!
I bought a new novel at Popular. The Last Song.
Awesome. And some work books for me to do this holidays. :)
When I was looking for the work books, I was sighing even more. OMG. :0
I was like, "what the" Grrr...
All the work book for form 5. WTH, only form 5 har need to study? haiz
so last-last I just buy the work book,  2 in 1 loe. Got both form 4 and form 5. heh~
Then I remembered I got a few undone work books at home, I scare I buy the same book twice. Luck I didn't. pheww~
oh2, i even sign up to be a popular member. Just so I could get a discount. haha!
Yay! i think my mum's going to let us buy book often.
But then again, Popular no interesting book leh. It took me a long time to search for a book.
I prefer MPH. Actually, I've been longing to but The GodFather since like always.
But couldn't have the chance to do so. haiz
Nevermind. Still got other time. Later I bring dady go MPH, Spring there. wakaka. :D
Wait! syamsul say he got that book leh. LOL. i borrow from him nia lh. Don't need to susah2 dady spend money. xD

This holiday many homework loe. D:
Nevermind ler. the best way to spend my holidays. So that when I get back to school, my handwriting won't be so stiff. :P and maybe I gain a few knowledge. hope so. :)

Cikgu Mazlina made me practice BM for SPM.
BM Gerak Gempur SPM. LOL. :D
I couldn't believe it too teacher, :'( Saya pandai gagal BM.
tapikan cikgu, bahagian B saya okay bh. saya dapat 7/10. Cumanya rumusan saya sahaja yang teruk.
mana saya tahu tak boleh potong banyak sangat. :'( uhuhuhuhu


My life is like a falling sky without having my dreams to come true.
This is so sad.
I miss my old life. This new life sucks. :(
I'm single, nobody worth loving.
(I'm pushing people away. not accepting the fact they're there for me)
I'm useless, no knowledge gaining(remembered).

This few days, I could feel as if my life is falling off a cliff.

Moral-of-the-story; You don't need to have a boyfriend, to be happy. :)


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