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Priscilla Tawie
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  Not everyone deserves it
Posted at 9/03/2010 03:18:00 PM
You may guess, you may think, you may say...
Whatever you want... About me...
But I won't listen....
Unless I know, what bullshit you're talking about me is true....
I know who I am... I know what I am....
I have reasons... All those seasons...
It's my life.... 
And you have no rights to judge me... 
Watch me make you talked more... 
Because I know, the more you talk, the more I know....
That you're mouth is not more than a place for dumping rubbish....

Got my name. xD
It's fifi library book. ehehe. She just borrowed it just now. So awesome ler! :D
Hye back book! it's been *count use fingers* 5 years since we see each other.

Today last day of school.
Than it's 2 weeks of freakin holiday! :D
I did many things today. playback my old memories from during kindergarten.
haha! then yeaa. we were all acting like little kids, playing rock, paper, scissors. ;)

Anyways, just now, 11.45am, Mdm Lee asked us all to evacuate the blok. LOL
Cause the pengetua asked to.
Everyone was puzzled. ==
Than we saw pengetua greeting, wishing the students Happy Holiday.
Haha! I guess she did that just so she could wish us Happy Holiday? wow. o.O
poor Mdm Flowrese had to end Joshua aural session.
Poor Joshua memorizing the aural but didn't get to present it. hahaa! :D

oh yeaaa..
Me, Syamsul and Cassandra did the lisan BM ler.. weee ;)
Me and Cass was okay, except Syamsul cause he had to do it again.. haha!

Priscilla wants to wish everybody,


Moral-of-the-story; Not everyone deserves your claps and support.

Dhaa :)

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