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Posted at 10/18/2010 07:44:00 PM
eeee.  Renee blog. :)
Sorta got stuck there. Damn that Rihanna song. xD

this morning when I arrived school, I saw Husna! :D
so we both walked in school together-gether.
Then I saw Syamsul at the corner of the lab. :O
I was like, "What that little kid doing at the corner of the lab? waiting for me?" :O
So when I finally approached him,
he reach out his hand and gave me.............

Colour pen :P
Awwww. Thanks Buddey :) <3

Nothing happen at school. =_________=
Just that many people didn't come and erm, I feel so dozey during class just now. TT
My head was like, nodding, coming back and fourth. Geez. :(
So sleepy just now. LOL
Not enough sleep. :P

But then, this afternoon, I planned to sleep for an hour, JUST an hour.
But I slept for 4 hours. ==
There goes my online hour, :P That's why I'm online-ing now, when I'm actually suppose to study.

Oh errmm, I waste money this afternoon. :PP
I just couldn't help it.

It's a ruler slash mirror. xD

As you can see, I've took some pictures without the help of my webcam. xD
What does that means? :PP
Ahh you there! the one with the braid blonde hair, pokey dots blouse. :P
Noo.. == I didn't use my dad camera. :P
Haiz. i tell lh. xD
My camera phone can use dy. LOL. don't know how leh. :P
Suddenly can.. woot so happy! :D

I was like, =.= why didn't you do this during the prefects dinner oh mighty phone camera :P

Do me a favor ey mate ;)
View my photo stream;Flickr
Thanks :D

Moral-of-the-story; patients always comes with good things

Dhaaa ;)


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