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Posted at 10/22/2010 11:32:00 PM

Today both paper is maths. :)
For paper 2 was quite okay, but paper 1, total epic death failure. LOL. :PP
dude, i totally sucks at straight line and those boxes thingy.

and during maths paper 2, 
I had some spare time considering I wasn't going to do the straight line question.
phew. :PP 
Lucky only got two question. ahah!
anyways, as I was saying, I had some spare time, so I drew something. drew? is that what you call 
as? :P
When I showed it to Cass, wanna what she thinks of it? :P
You must have thought that she would go, "awww. so cute"
But no, think again. LOL
she said, "euwww. Gross. throw it or something" TT

But I assumed it was something she says when she flattered. :P

[Gosh, she's so cruel. :'( ]

I've finished reading Dear John already. Such a sad sending. :'(
a freaking celaka ending btw. :'(
It make me freaking feel it all, and I got all emo and stuff that I cried reading it. :'(
Same goes to the Last Song too. :P

I watched Dear John and Last Song movie already! :D

Canning Tatum super hawt :P remind me of John Cena. 


Dear Girl,,

sorry for all the damage I cause.

Sign, Your heart. 

A few arts of handwritting and colours. :D
wakaka :3

I have nothing to talk.
haiz. I'm freaking out of something I don't know what. =.=

Good thing about friends? Sometimes they tell us the most hurtful words. Yet, with the best intentions.

Moral-of-the-story; Bestfriends fight. But it won't be long cause soon, one of them will have something important to tell the other one. :)

Dhaaa ;)


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