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  Lek Heng Birthday =]
Posted at 10/01/2010 03:33:00 PM

First of all, I wanna say,

Harry told me about it during moral just now.
I was like, "Really?"
Then he suggest to me that I should sing a song for him with the whole class of course. LOL
So before english, me and Harry truce and asked everyone to sing along.
Before madam Flowrese went in, I stand at the front, call out to Lek Heng and sing :D LOL
Lucky everyone follow, otherwise, =.= hahaha!

This morning, cause I so boring, I write letter to Gregory ;3 

Hahaha! Sure he thought it was a love letter, :D
But no. Haha! I don't write love letter, Got technology phone liao. Don't waste paper write love letter. xD
So funny :D
+Clearly stated that it wasn't a Love Letter xD

O yeaa, Gregory is a stalker  :0 
Just now recess, I go down blok got see him, then I go duty, see him again, then i want go canteen see him again. If every time see him can siak soi xDxD Joking2 :DD 
Don't cry ;) 
I know you will read this part, so I purposely make you angry ;3

During english, =.=!!
Have to re-edit the documentary video again. I think it's tooooo amusing, xD
Haha! "And a few was taken without permission(stealing) from google" :D
Madam Flowrese was furious cause she couldn't put in on youtube. LOL hahahaha! ;3
I laughed throughout my groups documentary ;D We were labeled FUNNY GIRLS GROUP. haha!
And Syamsul's group was labeled FUNNY BOYS GROUP. xD
Debbie group won the documentary award. aww. they were awesome anyway, :)

Before class start this morning, me, Olga, Janice and Phyllis play with Popobear and B-bear :D
haha! we throw it down from the 2nd floor and Janice have to catch it and throw it back. xD
She wrong throw, go and throw at the 1st floor, almost hit people face, :P
LOL. awesome ;3

BTW, Joshua give Cass his bear, :D so me and Cass have identical bears, only my bear head is yellow, hers is green. :D
My bear name is Julius Popo Ceaser The Bear and hers is Augustus B-Bear Ceaser :3

Moral-of-the-story; Nobody would admit their mistakes, so be careful of who you're dealing with.

Dhaa ;))

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