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  That's the worst thing
Posted at 10/09/2010 12:42:00 AM

Full 3 months. :')

9 October 2010.

I wish someone would come up to you and punch you right at the nose. 
I would really love to see that happen.
Cause as long as I'm still blogging about today.
It means, I never forget. 

In the 2nd month, 
I found someone, who acts like you, talk like you, even laugh like you.
It makes me feel happy. 
But the only thing that's different about him, is that, HE'S NOT YOU.
No matter how much I LIKE him, I just couldn't LOVE him.

I thought maybe, 
if I be with him on a relationship on 2 October, I could ruin him by 9 October.
Just as you did to me. :/
I thought, I could just revenge. Leave him just like you did.
I thought, I could complete all the things I wanted to do with you, with him.
All the long list. :/

But I didn't. 
Because I'm not that type. I'm not someone who would crush someone else's hope.
I had the chance, but I blew it. 
Because I was afraid, to take commitment.
I'm afraid of commitment. 
What if half way of the relationship, I decided to leave cause it was never love?
I don't have the heart to do so.
Yeaa. maybe that's the early plan, but, it just doesn't feel right.

The next time I meet you, :) I'll smile. 
I'll laugh at your last relationship with that girl. 
Then, I'll ask you what happen. And we talk for hours again.
Then, I'll leave you. 
And smile walking away. :) Because it's what I was suppose to do.

I know how to smile,
it's not because I'm over you, It's because I saw the people in my life.
I saw how they cared for me. 
It's because, they taught me how to smile again.
Though it doesn't last but at least it's worth.

And darling, there is not one moment where I never think of you.
Every path I walk, Every steps I take, Every decisions I make, 
It's when I think of you.

No baby, I don't love you no more.
I won't accept you back even if you begged me.
Cause babe, you're the biggest mistake I've fall for and I'll never fall for you anymore.

When I end this post,
In the hope the next morning, something would come and cheer me up.
Something, something, something.
Just like you.

Every time I looked at the mirror, I'll ask myself, why am i frowning, when there are so much things to smile at.

It feels like, just like yesterday, everything happen.


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