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  Go die early TT
Posted at 10/19/2010 05:03:00 PM
Go die early......
booooooooooooooooooooooooo! D:
I scared I get low marks for english... niuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
My reputation in english... TT

-calm down-
What is about 300 suppose to mean?! D:
When I asked Cass, she say it's suppose to be above 300.. D:
I smile as I stare at my 500+ essay... :(
When I asked Cikgu Ellena, she say it's not less than 300 and not more than 350....

Curse my novelist ability. :P ahahahha!
I wrote about a girl named Latina Paolo. LOL. weird name huh? xP
And her bestfriend Jose :D and her colleague Raoul.
Yeea! first time I write story of yound adults. so over my league. :P
Yeaaa. :)
But I think that story rock. ahahhaa! ;D
Or like Cass say, "So mencelakakan" ;)

But still, heartbreaksheartbreaks to know the truth. :(

whoa at "Aduh , this not call rich .. In the market everyone using iPhone 4 .. It's normal" =.=" No,, this is not normal :PP Normal people use normal phone. XPXP you people alien use iphone 4 :D LOL jk~

Duii.. me so funny.. :')

It's raining. :(

Dear rain, please don't let out your anger today. :) You can do that tonight, i would really love to hear your cries in my blankets tonight. :) 

Something about love that breaks your heart. :)

Curse my novelist ability. xD

Moral-of-the-story; What you want won't be there when you need it. What you need, won't be there when you want it. Read and Realize. :)

Dhaaa ;D


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