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  My Birthday :]
Posted at 10/14/2010 08:49:00 PM
Happy sweet honey sixteen Priscilla ;)

I woke up this morning feeling like Priscilla. xD hahah!
I went to school, like any other normal kid. :PP LOL
But in heart, I know that I'm finally 16! woot. :D

Many people wish me leh :33
Just during write late comers name, got one boy, he wish me ler. xD
wakakaka :33
so touched. LOLOLOL.

I countdown my birthday last night, with Syamsul and Robson. :)
Then a few people come and text me, xD
But I was already fast asleep when it's 12.01 :D ahahha!
Tomorrow lh I post what they say, xD
Now I lazy. :PP
Oh yah, yah, facebook ban me from commenting! =_________=
Thanks lerr. ish!

Then, afternoon go Spring with Olga, Oswald, Joshua, Sharen, Syamsul =)
LOL. hahaha!
Jayson wish me birthday.
And I think I saw Joan. But she no say hye to me. :'( haiz. xD

My phone drop :(
and erm, my camera can't use dy. :/ TT fcuk my life like this. uhuhuhuh!
Can't camwhore. TT how lh? how lh? TT
What a bad day. :( Don't ask me the rest. haizhaizhaiz.

My presents? LOL.
My supervisor gave me a cute springy keychain, xD while Mel gave me a bunny keychain :33

I don't care what Syamsul say, but this is his birthday present for me. :)


What you're going to read next, is letters from Gregory and Sylvester. :D
Thanks Guys! ♥ 

Gregory letter! :D

Sylvester :) 
He wrote down there, "who says you're lonely, single and alone" 
I so touched read. xD

I bought Dear John! woott :))

The last photo I took with my phone :( 
This is at the photo studio. haiz.

BTW, i took my previous photo using webcam. sucks. =___________=
If not, sure I'll post my Igloo ice cream, xD

I went shopping with Sharen just now. She need to buy something for tomorrow prefect's dinner.
:) Gosh! another thing that need camera. =______=!!
sucks! why must like thiss?!! -angry-

And although, person A ask me not see person B just now,
despite all the promises I make, I took the liberty to meet person B because I was curious.
I didn't mean for anything. :(
So I hope if person A finds out, I won't get chop. :PPP ngehehhe :33
Person B's kinda salty, o.o LOL. But he's shorter a bit then me. wakakakak :33
Person B was my MSN failuer downloader when he worked at dGi before, but now he's my friend thanks to person A problem. haha! xD awesome lh~~

I go DiGi centre to asked about my MSN application. useless! I install it yesterday, but I couldn't use it :( celaka! Then, the guy go and waste my credit by opening MSN. heh~
Then he go facebook some more, =="
Then after 20 minutes of trying to open the MSN, he finally gave up. LOL
July 2010

He says he's a better stalker than me. LOL
and I think, i'm good at stalking. ahahah! :D watch out ;))
LOL. jk~

Most commonly ask Question during a person birthday;

-How old are you.
; I'm 16. LOL

-How do you feel?

-Are you having a blast?
;No. :(

Damn so tired. xD

Moral-of-the-story; Sometimes, you just have to learn how to accept bad news. It's then, you learn how to manage your life. :)

Dhaa ;))

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