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  Story Board 1#
Posted at 10/01/2010 03:47:00 PM
Her Braid.
The midnight train .
Tears was rolling down from dear love Mary Jane's eyes. Never have she felt so upset at her life before.
Her drunken father, gambler mother, being at home waiting to get hit.
She ran away from home, though it wasn't the best idea, knowing she had no money or shelter to live on but it was better than to stay.
She took the midnight train to anywhere hoping it would get her somewhere.
There she met a young fine city guy named Henry South.
Not knowing any possibilities, he took a sit beside Mary Jane.
He stares at her braid, oh how beautiful he thought.
"I'm a city boy, with a broken family, running away, knowing it wasn't the best but I did. It was better than living there watching the fights. Though I have no money or shelter. Despite everything I go through, I think it's better to take the midnight train to anywhere with the hope of going somewhere," he said.
He then placed his head upon her shoulder.

I wrote this short story according to a song. Don't stop believin, Glee.
The point of this story was to recapture all the first moments on how destiny pull two lives together.

And no, I put the title as The Braid not because I was talking about hairs, but because it seems inspirational. 


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