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Posted at 10/08/2010 05:36:00 PM
zombie Pictures, Images and Photos

I got tackled down by zombies just now. :O
Me and Vero actually.
Scary man! TT
They want to eat my liver :O
Phobia stay at kampung dy :PP  ahahaha!
(my dream)

Speaking of kampung, Cikgu Zurina selected me and Mel to go with, erm, I guess the PRS crew to overnight for 5 days at Kampung Belimbing :/
But I scare the event is during the exams or before it. =.=
Where got I want to go. LOL. mimpi dia :P
I don't even know where is that kampung or whether it's safe and free of zombies or not?
haha! :D

Today, one whole morning, sit in Chemistry Lab ar. =.=
Smelly :/
than, we sat on stools. o,O my back pain dy :p hahaha!

Than during physics, the new chemistry teacher come in. whoa! D:
she's so clever :P haha!
Sie Tak play my phone and read my inbox. =.=
Than I go and scold him, "hui! don't read my message!"
The new chemistry teacher go and say, "huh.. bring phone?" :P LOL
I guess, i was pretty loud. LOL
But most teachers, they won't make a noise when they hear things like that.
Max say cause they act don't know. haha! xD

News for females :)

Do you remember the game last year about what color bra you were wearing at the moment? For those who didn't participate in the game, what happened war females posted the color of their bra that they were wearing at that moment on their status. Facebook status were full me colors and it had make everyone wondering why.
The purpose war to increase the awareness of OCTOBER BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month. It Was a tremendous success and we had men wondering for days what was with the colors and it made it to the NEWS.
This year's game is your pocketbook/handbag/purse. XD want to know where you put those stuffs the moment you reach home. For example, "i like it on the couch", "i like it on the kitchen counter", "i like it on the dresser". Well, you get the ideas.
Just place your answers in your status with nothing more!! NEXT step is to cut and paste this message and forward to all your fb female friends to their INBOX.
The bra game made it to the NEWS! XD
Let's see how powerful XD women really are!! REMEMBER, DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWERS AS A REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. Put it in your STATUS. Pass this to all females you know. As soon as you can ;D

I'm confuse :/
I'm forever confuse. Grrr. I don't know why?! Grr.
Feel like biting someone. haiz
I'm hungry anyway.

The person you deny the most might be the person you'll miss some day.

The songs I hear just doesn't seem the same without you hearing it with me. :/

Moral-of-the-story; If you don't explore, it means you're old. 

Dhaa ;')

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