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  Hills Shopping Mall
Posted at 10/16/2010 05:16:00 PM
I went to Hills this morning.
I slept like *check watch* erm 2am last night, real tired arh. xD
But this morning woke up around 6am+ :D
I slept like 4 hours nia.

I miss cam-whoring with my own phone. :(

Anyways, as I was saying I went to Hills this morning. :)
Because I want to accompany fifi and jeff for the coloring contest. xD
But then, I wasn't really accompanying.
I was walking around the whole place, looking for cute asessories, :P
But there wasn't any. LOL.

At last I went to Food inc and order a bubble milk tea and enjoy reading Dear John there :P

Man, I so wanna scream to Ronald Mcdonald the clown. :P
I wanna scream that he's gay. :)
But I didn't dare. :P
He is. :)) LOL

Anyways, there's this 3 artist, coming there too, to draw pictures for people. :)
I asked to be drawn too. ehehe.
Actually it was for kids too, but the artist was so kind. :PP

Look like me or not? xD

Anyways, I found a few pictures taken by eLing and Ling last night. :)

 This was giving the token of appreciation to Boon Yan. :P
I look fat. :D
+ + I used to have a crush on that kid. xD but now he's nothing. :PP
omg, why am I telling this. -________-
Nevermind. it's the past :)

 Me and Mel at the registration counter. :)
I like her hair. D:

This was when Charlston kneel down and gave the rose during the couple contest thingy.
haiz. D:
I still think we deserve to win. >.>

All of the couple. :)
From left; Lydia, Gary, Kho Boon Yan and his gal was block by Gary, Joyce, George, Nazreen, Wati, Cynthia, Claudius, Mok Xiao Ying, Adib, Me, Charls. :)
Wait! eling and Simon leh? :O haiz. don't have them :( nevermind~

This afternoon, after coming back, I watch this movie. :)
So erm. touchy :')
Thanks Syamsul for chia-ing me this movie. :')

Moral-of-the-story; No matter how much you want to, you just couldn't take what belonged to others even though it's not theirs anymore.

Dhaaaa ;))


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