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  Imagine this :D
Posted at 10/12/2010 05:49:00 PM
Imagine this;
Say you happen to get pregnant without marriage at the age of 24 with a boyfriend of 4 years :P
And you met him in college at the age of 19. :P
And you two like each other but suckishly never got the guts to tell. 
And one day, he send a friend reQuest to you on facebook.
And what do you know, he comments on every picture of you saying you're pretty.
And you'll like every of his status. Never miss one.
And one day, you were opening facebook to stalk on his profile yet to find another love status wondering who could he have written it for. And right at that moment you read his status saying, that he really likes you but never got the guts to tell you. OMG. it even has your name on it. LOL. xD

Anyways, as I was saying, 
imagine you got pregnant with your boyfriend of 4 years, :PP
And 16 years later, or whatever how many years later,
your teenage son/daughter come up to your husband(after your parents found out you're pregnant and forced you to marry him despite you haven't graduated university yet) and say;

Son/Daughter: How you met mum?
Your husband: well, we went to the same college but we never talk to each other.
Son/Daughter: Then how you begin?
Your husband: well, it all started from facebook friend reQuest. huh~~ :33
Son/Daughter: is that like a social holosite or something?
Your husband: well back then, it was social website. We don't have holoputer then. 
Son/Daughter: then how you talk or chat with her?
Your husband: there's this thing called posting comments and stuff.
Son/Daughter: OSA(Oh shock Ass, a future omg) xD that's sad dad. then you can't see or hear mum voice?
Your husband: well, back then, there is a thing call handphones which got replace by your handgrams.
Son/Daughter: handphones? you mean like what I've seen in all those 2010's movie? But still you can't see her face when you talk to her?
Your husband: I know. sad huh? but there's a thing call picture in the handphones. =___= (getting kinda pissoff)
Son/daughter: but you can't see her moving and stuff. :PP (enjoying the conversation)
Your husband: that's it. you piss me off quite enough! no holoputer for you for the rest of your night, >=(


Son/Daughter: *dials a number on his/her holophone*Holograms of his/her pops up*
NayNay! My dad ground me from the holoputer, >=( I guess no dashplate(a future facebook) for me tonight. :(
NayNay: OSA. how sad D: oh B-Tee-Dabeliuu, I heard that Austin Bieber/Amy Tisdale debut his solo album already! OSAOSAOSA! 
Son/Daughter: CAH(crap asshole) park! really?!PAAAAA!!! Rk~


This is just a random post. :PP 

Dhaaaaa! ;))

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