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  Not a nerd
Posted at 10/29/2010 07:06:00 PM
Imma not a nerd :S 
And I'll prove it to you! :D ahhaha!
I watch korean instead of studying :D bluerrk!
notanerdnotanerd :P

Last night, I went offline late. xD 
So in the end, I didn't study for biology :D I watch korean drama. x)
Then I watch Happy Together! weee! So funny that talk show =)

Juwon oppa! xD
Jealous me I see him kiss Nayong in Happy Together last night =S

And I even realize, it's hard for me to get off the Korean channel x)
wakakkaka :33

This morning seems slow :]
I arrived school, didn't study. haha! i didn't had the mood to do so. :/
So I talked with Cass and make her not study too >D
We were talking non-stop about cheesy jokes. :P The pickup lines ;)

"I'm psychic... And I can see you in my future"
"Excuse me, but I scrape my knee falling for you"
"If I could arrange the alphabets, I would put U and I together"
I used the last one Max, he ran away from me D:

Then I used the, "Gay say hah" at Cikgu Leslie, Max, Sylvester and Desmond. xD
They all admit that their gay. bwahahahha :33

Pris: *see shing wang pass the class* SHING WANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D
SW: Thanks :]
-one hour later-
Pris: *see Shing wang in Beta class* SHING WANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D
SW: Thanks =.=
SW: enough liao. =.=
Pris: uweerr D: so bad :( i take back my HAPPY BIRTHDAY :(

After come back school,
Eat, Bath, Go selection :D mumy won a hamper :] Goodmaid!
wakakak :33 after this my house be extra2 clean. :P
I meet my friend, the DVD guy. LOL
Damn. Should ask for his name xD I've known him since last year, always talk to him, but never seem to know his name :D
Just now, we talk, talk, he say I judge a book by it's cover. x)
Yeaaa. Maybe! :PP LOL

Should I trade my K770i for half the price I bought for.....

A pink loveee w508 which is totally cute? :D
+ + only rm380. The price makes me even more crazierr. :DD

But still, I like my phone camera :/
w508 isn't cybershot and the camera not flash :O

Maybe I'll just buy a new cover, and cover the back with sequins :]
Pink sequins :] Pink is cute! :D


Confession/fact: I make friends with random shop keeper when I'm alone and talkative and if they seem nice and playful. :D 
Friends I have made; Worldwide DVD shopkeeper :P , Cha Kueh King family :P , The 2nd floor or Wisma Wan cashier girl :P , Sox World shopkeeper :P , Aaron the used to be diGi guy but now the subzero guy xD 
hahaha! :3
I'm so dangerous dude! :D

"Go talk to your cash register friend loe if you're lonely"

Moral-of-the-story; Yes. Don't be a hypocrite and judge a book by it's cover :D

Dhaaa! ;]


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