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Priscilla Tawie
Communication graduate
I w r i t e for a living!
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Full time food addict.
Part time day dreamer.

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Not sure if anyone notice,
but my url is grammatically wrong.
Forgive me, I was young.


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  Alien :D
Posted at 10/26/2010 04:21:00 PM
The kiddies section :]

Man,, isn't he annoying. =_______=!!
Which reminds me,
I got abducted by aliens disguise as my dad just now. :O
Don't believe? It's true. D: LOL
But then I Pris-Do it, and after that it accumulate to more, and I was getting tired, hungry, and stuff. D:
But finally, i killed them all with some taichi ;)
Awesome man :DD
Then, I walk out of that unknown area and found out that I'm in BDC. =.=
I saw Olga, and her sister send me home. :PP
LOL. My parents was scolding me telling me to just wait at school and stuff. =.=
But I was to tired, so I bath and went to sleep. :PP

eeee. :PP

The following content is strictly can't viewed by kids with the name SYAMSUL BAKHTIAR.
It may cause damage to his nerves system and even cause gayness to occur ;D
Beware kid :D

The not-for-Syamsul section :]

That is how Add Maths this morning felt like :/
I regret not focusing so much on Functions and Logarithm :/
I lazy do last night even though I know I'm weak at those chapters :PP
But yeaa, I'm lazy, so I only do the chapters I like and I know how to do :D
That is Index, Circular Measures, and Solution Of Triangles :PP
But paper 1, issshh, *angry* :'( most of the front Question is from the earlier chapters.
Dude, i sucks in those chapters. D:
purposely betul. =.=

p/s the alien story wasn't true. xD

Just now during recess eat popiah only, =/
Adib nasi lemak finish D: woooo! I was craving it. >.<
LOL. how can I crave it, since I eat it like everyday? hahaha! :D
But yeaa.
I eat popiah, I bought two :PP But I only ate half of one popiah. cause i discover the filling was filled with mengkuang :P bluerk~ So I give Dibby the rest. xD
And during test, I was so, so hungry :PP

Oh2, then during paper 1 add maths, I was so lazy to wait for my dad :] so I took a few coins and asked permission to go to the bathroom :PP I think I was gone for 20 minutes? haha! :D
I went to call my dad :PP
But yeaa, I really do need to pee too :PP
Then, I met Alexandra at the toilet :] she had a phone :3
So I asked her :D But she no credit :( She asked me to use PLEASE CALL ME BACK, but she use it all up. D:
So I walked with her and Cindy until reach Science block and I saw Hui Yii :3
She had a phone, I know it :D
So I borrow. hahah! ;3 I text dady LOL :PP

When I got back in class, I still have 20 minutes more so I stare at the range Question. :PP
Finally I remember how to do it! used the b(square)-2ac formulae :D
halleluyah! Hope I correct lh. :))
I really want to get above 20 per 100 this term :P haha! so sad~ :']

Then Cass asked me,
"How many question you didn't do?"
"11 :PP"
"what....?? why you didn't do? -.- didn't try"
"I see the Question I don't know do, I lazy try" -no effort this priscilla- :D
"you leh?"
"*counts* :D -Grin- 12"
"=.=!! what thee.. :D hahaha! you also!"
"yah but at least I got try."

LOL :PP She got try but still wasn't able to do 12 question. xDxD

I'm doomed D:
and every time I looked up and saw you were never there waving, I felt sad. You used to do it but now it's different. :/ I tried to hold back this feeling cause I'm a fasist and you're out of league. 
So I'm not really sure if I like you or what? I think maybe, I'm just paranoid of attention.
Since you're no longer there, I feel even more lonely. 

Dude,, I just love Onion Head :D since before already :33
Anyways, I want to add a new feature onto my blog. :]
The confession and facts about me side :D
It's like my moral-of-the-story too! :))
So my first confession/facts is; When I'm hungry, I'm usually talkative. When I'm full, I always sit and think. But when I'm neutral, I'm a natural talker :33
That's what I realize just now, xP

Kay,, Syamsul,, I know you read till down here :33
Geezz, teenager don't listen to instruction huh this day :D 
So I now pronounce you as gay forever :33
Enjoy! ;]

Moral-of-the-story; You may not realize it, but some where out there, there will be this one person who sleeps with your smile. :] 

Dhhaaaa ;))


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