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  Wine :D
Posted at 10/20/2010 06:20:00 PM
I just finished bathing. =.="
Ehm, Just got home from WALKING from tuition.
And as we all know, (Kuching) that it's raining so the very heavily.
And need i remind you that i WALK.


Two more tuition again, and it's bye2 for this year. xD
eyeeeaaa ooo!! :PP

This morning test BM paper 2 and Sejarah paper 2. LOL
I think it was kinda okay? :PP
I anak baik do the BM essay about "cara menghargai jasa dan pengorbanan guru" :P

I was so tense about the islam thingy, i read it all over and over again.
But I turn okay?
Just that I freaking forgot to read the Eropah thingy. D:

This some wine in a box. :P
Last night, I was studying, than I got all thirsty and stuff.
So I drank some wine. xD
And I got a minor headache so I went to bed. :P
I think it also affected my this morning. xD
I keep on yawning despite the time I slept. D: haiz. LOL

No matter how much you wanted to, but you just can't. Cause boy, sometimes Love doesn't come in one piece.

Moral-of-the-story; Don't drink any alcoholic drink on a school night. :P

Dhaaa ;)


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