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  My brother Birthday :D
Posted at 10/06/2010 11:30:00 AM
Me&my family :)
Last night we celebrated smally :P my brother birthday. :)

 Nyums.  Blueberry cheese. :P I could feel two kilo fatter :D

 Me & my sis cam-whoring before the cake-cutting :)

Hair advertisements :P Use dove and you'll get sexy and cute hair like mine. :D
wakakaka :33

My bro and his friend. LOL

I don't need to edit this picture, it's already perfect. :P  ahahaha! LOL

Mona Lisa. The Scream. The thinker.
All international art. xD

The Scream :P Did I imitate good? haha! :D
The Scream was painted by a Norwegian artist name Edvard Munch in the year 1893? :)
It's now hang at the National Gallery in Oslo. :)

 Mona Lisa :)
I've heard people saying that they don't even know whether she's smiling or not?
But I guess, clearly, she has a beautiful smile. :)
She is Lisa Gheradini. The name Mona Lisa was developed from Mia Donna or Madam. :)
As in so, Madam Lisa? LOL.
Her name Mona Lisa was actually a spelling error. How sad. :P
Leornado Da Vinci took 4 years to paint this :O From 1503-1506.
There's one thing about this painting, is that she doesn't have any eyebrows. People said that it could be that she shaved it due to fashion or it went away after some museum people clean it. LOL
This painting is currently hang at Salle de Etats, Paris :)

The thinker :P
Such an awesome pose. This sculpture was carved by Auguste Rodin in the year 1902.
And now it's currently put at Musee Rodin, Paris :)
Wherever that is. :P

Italians are awesome artist ;)

Moral-of-the-story; You work and achieve. :)

Dhaa ;)

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