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  Story Board 1#
Posted at 10/04/2010 10:11:00 PM
Nostalgic Impress.
She never knew.
She could feel shadows following her's. She walk as fast as she could as she could hear footsteps.
She then run, run as fast as the wind could take her.
She could hear them chasing her, calling her name, "Ally!!" 
She then reach a dead end. Sweats was flowing down from everywhere. She could hear  her heart thumping, wondering, regretting on refusing the ride back home from her bestfriend.
She could hear her name being called over and over again.
"Ally~" she gasped. The voice was getting closer. Her tears were flowing. Why had she lose her phone on the wrong week. Seconds turn to minutes and before she knew it, the thugs were in front of her, 
twirling at her hair. 
His face was near hers, "tonight, you will pay for what you did to Micheal".
She then flashback to two days ago where she left Micheal for Sam. Micheal was so down, but she didn't care at all.
She was afraid of what the thugs will do to her.
One of the thugs were raising his fist towards her. She closed her eyes hoping it wouldn't hurt a bit. She waited for it to happen, but it never did. She took a peek and saw Micheal grabbing the thug hand.
Micheal tried to pursued them not to hurt Ally. They left.
Micheal then hugged Ally. "I miss you" Ally was left speechless. 
She then hugged Micheal. Hug him as tight as he could. She felt safety. 

I got the idea of this story when I was bathing. Ideas always come whenever I took my bath. :P
Such as the Quotes I created. haha!
Yepp, they were all from the bathroom. LOL. that sounds wrong. haha!

Anyways, the main point I wrote this story is to make people realize that, the one you didn't hope for will be the one who will always stay by your side. No matter what happens, never, ever, never, ever unappreciate the people around. Because the person you didn't hope for might be the person who will jump in front of a bullet for you. He might also be the person who waits for your calls, texts at night.
You never know, while you're out there waiting for some other guy to text you, this guy might just stay awake until 2 in the morning just because you didn't text him telling him Goodnight.


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