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  Prefect Installation Night
Posted at 10/16/2010 01:22:00 AM
Prefects Installation Night 2010 :D

Aida playing the guitar/violin? :D and ng yng playing the keyboard, xD
Nahh~ I ask them to pose for me nia. :))

The place in the afternoon. :)

I went there around 3pm cause Max was like, "Go at 3pm ar Pris! don't late" and stuff. =.=
But in the end, I just sat on the chair and read Dear John.
Geez that Max. =.=
He himself come late :P ahahah!
I text him when I arrived, saying, "Max! I at Spring ar, :P maybe I come late"
Then he says, "Madam Elizabeth scold dy" :D
Bluerrk that boy. xD So obvious he lie one. I was there and he wasn't. :D
haiz. so funny~

I camwhore use Aida camera :PP Sad ler~ TT
can't wait to fix my camera tomorrow. haiz. :(

Anyways, yalah, today I whole day borrow people camera to take picture. xD
wakakakaka :33

But most of the times I borrow WONG GEOK KHIAN handphone camera :PP
Pity ler.~ bwahahaha :33

Me and Mel camwhore. xD

She can be my boyfriend. xD LOL. me and Ying Kian :)

Me and Charlston. xD

Me and Joyce :)

Chan Lek Heng, Wong Geok Khian(my hero) and Desmond. :PP

Us. o.O we love cam-whoring, you just can't do anything with it. :PP
What a vain boy. xD

My table mates. XD
I sat at Table 5 with Eling, Charlston, Desmond, Max, Ng Yng, Chan Lek Heng,
Abigail, Xiao Ying, Sie Siew(all 3 in pictures). xD
Awesome night :33
And it was made even more awesome cause my hero, Wong lend me his camera to camwhore. :PP
So yeaaa~

I'm the usher. xD
At first I was like all grumpy and stuff, but then being an usher isn't so bad. :D
I get to stand at the door and say, "ANYESEONG!" to all the people who came :33
So fun and I really enjoyed my time. :))

Let's talk bout the program now. ^^

Got slideshow. =.= Got my face come out there do peace with Max's camera in class. D:
Shy.. xD I like so act cute lerr. :PP hahaha!

Oh2, got games. :D
Who killed who? LOL. :PP and erm,
got one program! Look under your chair! :DD
I went and look under my chair and got a red angpau. Charlston ask me, why his one don't have.
So I go check. LOL :PP
Charlston got the yellow angpau. xD then Charls say he pity me cause he crunch my angpau, so he exchange with me. then Ezra the MC say, who got the yellow angpau put up your hand. xD
So I put up my hand. xD hahaha! Charlston angpau~~
Than Michelle ask to check in the angpau, got. :O

please choose a partner which is of your opposite gender and proceed to the stage <3

LOL. shock me read. xD
So I bring Charlston loe. :)
We have to do modelling up the stage there. =.=
At first Ezra ask to go up and strut our pose, but when we go down, he tell us that we can use props.
So he give us chance again. xD
I hold umbrella, and charls with rose. :PP He kneel down and give me the flower.
But so unfortunate that we didn't win :(
That other couple win. Dont get it how they can win. =.= haiz
Me and Charls was okay what....~~
And so is Boon Yan and partner, but none of us won. Those normal pose couple won.
*jealous* xD
Desmond was like, "wow! pris. why are you so desperate to get that pencil case" :PP

Oh ya! I won a Lucky draw! :33

By the number 077. 7 is my lucky number. :D weeeee~
I realize that Phyllis and Charlston also like 7, :P bwahaha :33 we three fought about it. xD
At first I didn't expect it cause I register really early since I came at 3. :P
Than my number was like really below. o.O
Haha! so lucky me~ xD

The food! nom2 :D
Got fried chicken, prawns, jelly fish, mix vegies, rice, and erm Abalone. xD

Desmond won best dress! xD
Well, I guess, he deserved it. :) He really dress according to the theme. :P
BodyGuard. xD
With his sunglasses. He looks almost unrecognizable. xD
Desmond owe it all to me, LOL, I screamed his name :PP wakakak.
Joking~ :33
But he did deserve it. :)

My ticket in. xD

This photo kinda sucks? :P

I think the front part of the dinner was a failed. =.=
haha! :D
But as time goes on, Michelle and Ezra really light up the area. :)
They're born MC's and talented. xP

BTW, today is, Dongahae's birthday! :D
saeng-il chugha oppa! :)
dangsin-i geonganghago haengbog eonjena dangsin-ege huimang-eul :)
[Happy Birthday oppa! :)
Hope oppa healthy and happy always :)]

Moral-of-the-story; Your happiness will come one day just relax. :)

Dhaa ;))

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