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  Cheaters Never Win
Posted at 10/13/2010 06:08:00 PM
Pris: So it's partly my fault I'm lonely, single and alone. :O 
Cass: finally! you've said it, i've been waiting for you to say it. 
Pris: >.>

OMG baby, it's tomorrow! It's tomorrow! I can't believe it is :33
ahahha! LOL

anyways, I don't know what to say? LOL

I just got back from tuition. xD
Micheal say Ms Yap still have for add maths till next year! :D
I hope, I hope. :))

Anyways, omgay, that boy so salty. xD

Wanna know something funny? :PP
Cass don't believe I'm shy and actually don't know how to act with people I don't know. xD
So means, I'm actually not friendly? LOL

*unknown people stare at pris with disbelief eyes*

What? what? :PP
True bh. I can't even talk to that boy in my physic tuition class, just to ask him to move his big HEAD! =.=
Grrrr. LOL
And I'm afraid of big crowds cause I scare I couldn't treat them all properly, and *takes in breath*
and they feel like an island. I'm so the very afraid of that! xD

Anyways, I got my friends, because I got a friend that time to make a new friend with them.
Understand? No? LOL. it's okay then ;))

But I'm really talkative (and you can't resist me, muahahahaha!) once you get to know me :PP

Moral-of-the-story; Cheaters never win! :D

Dhaaaaa ;))


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