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  Chinese paper is okay :D
Posted at 10/25/2010 04:53:00 PM
Second chances doesn't always mean a happy ending.
Sometimes, it's just another shot to end things right. =]

I wished I had a second chance, so I could end things right.
And probably I won't feel as daft as ever :PP
Yerr2,, british slang~

Anyways, today is chinese paper 2 and BM paper 2. :)
it was okay. :P
ngeheheh. LOL. Luckily I finished BM on time, not like the PS1. :(
But yeaaa. =P

Tomorrow Add Maths paper 1 & 2.
I think I'm ready. Gonna do some revision and work more. :]
Chayo! :P
The next day is Moral. D: woooo~
Why they do Moral so early? =___= I like it better if it's the ending or something like that.
TT, I've been working my ass off memorizing it. And it ain't pretty :3
After offline, wanna memorize it. :] I can do it! yerrr :PP
Cass so erh, say she read Moral last minute but still can get as high as mine. =.=
I hate her and her brain of remembering good. D:
I'm not a good rememberer, I sometimes forget my own birthday. errm. THAT'S A LIE.
But oh well :PP I couldn't remember what I forget. xP
see an example. lol

And the next-next day is Biology 1, same goes to the next-next-next day D:
Why do Bio always comes a day after my tuition. =.=
I don't have time to study last minute. D:

I can't wait for exam to finish. =]
Just imagine my holidays, my boring long holidays. Without working. T.T
I wanna work D;
nevermind. nevermind. uhuhuhuuh! :'(

It's raining! Have I ever mention that I like the smell of it ;)
The smell of acid :D
Oh and I like the smell of burning too! somehow. :P it sorta smell kinda sweet? :D
But i hate the person doing it >=(
Don't they see what happens to our world now D: lol
And, And, I hate the smell of shilek :( nehh, you know the wood paint? lol
It makes me cough and feel like puking. :[
my mum been painting the cupboards and tables in the living room. Lucky it's only A cupboard and A table.

p/s I don't take chinese :PP

Moral-of-the-story; Nobody owns anybody. So don't boss people around, neither should you control no matter how much you know that he's CHANGED and no longer be there for you. :]

Dhaaaaa :DD


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