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Posted at 10/05/2010 05:14:00 PM
This is funny. xD Got it from my facebook :3

Now this is epic. :P
But a bit insulting. LOL. haha! got it from Ju's profile :)

Today, is fortunately, I guess? a holiday. LOL
while all those form 3s are busy with their PMR, we non-form 3s relax. :P
Ahhh. LOL

Today is Catherine birthday. xD
Happy birthday \m/

and also
My brother birthday :D
Kevin Muyang Tawie. LOL. ahaha!
He's 26 now. :) 10 years older then me, :P

tonight, my mum wanted to go out and celebrate both his and mine birthday.
But had to pay RM700 for his graduation stuff. LOL
so, my parents couldn't afford to spend a lot today, so my mum's cooking something special tonight.
I hope. xP
My birthday is next Thursday. :D 14 October. :))
I still remember how I spent my birthday last year. urgh. don't wanna think about it. xD
wakakka :33

I wanna have a birthday with my square of friends. xD
Well, usually people circle of friends.
But circle seems endless and I only have a few best buddies. :PP
So sad. I know. xD
There's not many i could trust. D:

I woke up Quite early this morning. =.= despite the late night sleeping before,
i still manage to wake up early. LOL

So then I go breakfast, and bath. so on, so fourth.

Then I planned to watched "He's just not that into you" :P
The rule&The exception. Girls just have to deal with that. LOL xD ahaha!
Awesome movie :))

After that, I slept. LOL.

Woke up. Lunch maggie nia. TT, then online. :D

Tomorrow I guess same thing also? haha!
Except that, tomorrow afternoon I got tuition. haizhaiz.
Nevermind ler.
This month is my last month cause PS2 is on 18 October and it will end on November something. :P

I planned to work then. But I don't think dady allowed. *shrug* :((

I just learn that BM isn't original. :P *winks at Ju*

Dora! stop fooling around and get a GPS. =.=

Moral-of-the-story; Guys takes hard things and make em easy. Girls takes easy things and make em not only hard but complicated. :PP


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