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  Currently watched Korean Dramas :D
Posted at 10/24/2010 07:21:00 PM
Tomorrow still got exam, today and yesterday I watch TV endlessly. :PP

Today I watch Korean for 4 hours. :D
4 hours of jam-pack-love-action of korean hawties ;)
I should go study, :PP
Later lh. Blog first. After Blog, wanna watch All About Marriage. Then memorize moral, Then watch My mom, Supermom :D

This morning/afternoon I watch,, 
Sankyunkwan Scandal :PP
Damnit Lee Seojeung(Micky Yoochun) and Moon JaeSin(Yoo Ah-In) so cute. >.<
Aahahaha! :PP

That is SeoJeung and Yunsiik. :P
Yunsiik is actually a girl. Funny nobody realize that. =.=
Their are in a school, studying Confucius saying(Analects), waiting for their exams to become part of the government. LOL.  
Even thought it's a korean drama, it revolves around the teaching and style of the China, during the Dinasti Han. It's like watching my sejarah book come alive :D


Fugitive; Plan B. :)
Jiwoo(Rain) so cute >.< he looks like Donghae oppa if he use sunglasses. :))
 and maybe that detective guy :PP
It's full of detective stuff. Kinda boring, but i still enjoy it. hrm. should recommend Cass to watch it. XD
BTW, it's in multilingual :P
Got people speak English, Chinese, Japanese, and of course KOREAN. :P


In a few minutes I'll be watching, 
All About Marriage :)

Oh it's starting dy :))
Anyways, it's about a nerdy guy who transform into a professor-tv host thanks to his wife. But when he become to successful as a TV host, he become big headed as well. He starts to abandon his wife and he even admit that he likes his co-worker. He even said that IT'S OKAY for a husband to do that as long as it doesn't go over. My Ass! =.= BTW, he becomes a TV host about marriage. Him giving advice? Geeezz. so funny. xD
Anyways, his wife go enough of his act and decided to go independence and live alone. Then she started to get close to a producer whom she thought was a low-life. The producer doesn't wants to tell her, don't know why? :P
Her husband, decided to miss her.. pff. to late buddy. xPxP he even ditch a hot co-worker just for his wife. ahha! but yeaa. his now stuck between his co-worker and his wife. blerk that co-worker say she understands but she doesn't at all. =__________=


Love, Bread and Dreams. 
I like this drama. Cause each time I watch it, it makes me touched and cry. xP
I decided to like that. :D

It's about a woman who make love and got a baby with the chairman of Geoseong(bread company). And the wife of the chairman found out. LOL. btw, the chairman was force to married that wicked lady and to leave his true love the one who got a baby. :P
12 years later, she return with the boy despite the chairman wife order not to come back. 
The chairman grew fond of the boy,, :)
And then, ehm, *watch tv* the boy loses his mum cause the chairman wanted him to focus only on the chairman on not on the mother. 
The boy then runaway on search for his mum. for 12 years nobody ever know what happen to him. That boy was left alone wandering on the street by himself. :( sad~~
he then come across a bakery where he meet his step-brother. The step-brother knew it was him. But he doesn't cause the step-bro use fake name. blerk~ :PP
BTW, his step-bro so hot. B)
blablablabla.. he became a good baker, oh2, he found his childhood sweetheart. But his step-bro took her away. as in force her. sad. :(
But the ending was Quite happy though. :)) Thumbs up for the movie :)) 


Moral-of-the-story; Get ready of an umbrella before rain. 

Dhaa ;))

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