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  Movie Marathon
Posted at 10/11/2010 04:28:00 PM
Watch movie like hell last night till today. xD 

Last night watch with chacha and fifi till middle of the night. :D
we watch, 
What an awesome movie :')
Charlie is charming. ^^ So the erm, typical criteria a must have in every boyfriend. :D
Sensitive, charming, honest, mysterious. xD

And during the movie, 
suddenly. :O -Gasp- Got cockroach. o.O ahahaha!
It flew on me. :S 
Imagine what if I was asleep. D: It could enter my mouth, and go through my throat then enters my stomach. :O -Gasp- and control my body! :O 
Anyways, the cockroach finally died when chacha sprayed ridsect on it :') 
such a happy moment. xD


Then this morning, I watch alone, The Women and Legally Blondes. :PP
I thought The Women was suppose to have dirty stuff in it, but it's completely free from dirty stuff. xD
awesome movie. :D hahaha!
I like how Mary(Debra Messing) husband begged for her to come back after Crystal(Eva Mendez) stole him away. =.=
And at the end of the movie, the husband wrote, 

"Can I get to know you again? I think I lost you in the pass" xD
something like that lh. :)

This Friday is the prefect dinner liao. :0
with the theme BodyGuard. Oh wow, which dude pick the theme.

And I don't know what to do with my hair on the day. D:

 This hair? nehh, to plain, :PP

Maybe, i'll do this :PP

 Or this. :D the stages of braids. :D
1st stage,

 2nd stage. total failure. i wanted to make it curl like li fei says, but it FAILED. D:

So I tied it. grrr. so ugly. :PP

Aliens are controlling my life. =.=

Moral-of-the-story; Be Gay and you'll live like in heaven. xD

Dhaa ;))

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