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  Chacha Birthday :D
Posted at 11/07/2010 02:41:00 PM
6 November 2010

It's chacha birthday and we went to eat at Singapore Chicken Rice. :]
Bleekk the food, >.<
I eat at the Tabuan Jaya branch D: regretregret. I think Spring branch is better, >.>

Food ;)

 French fries ;D chacha hand :D

My black&white. what i usually order when I go to SCR :]

 Jeff, rib-eye thingy? i think. LOL

dady rice :P mixed with vegies and chicken :)

 The chefs! :D

 Koko came later but his food arrive first, >.>
chicken rice~

 Mumy & fifi order cantonese kueh tiew. :)

 Mine is mee mamak. :( *regret*

After dinner! :D
I felt Gay when I took this photo cause everyone was staring. xD

Then me and chacha went to the toilet and discover a big mirror :O
camwhore time! :D


After dinner,
we went to the DVD guy shop at Wisma Wan :P
To exchange DVDs. From Mulan&Exorcism to Killers&Get Him Greek :]
Whatever those stories are. =.=
It's either his shop so little variety of DVDs, or I watch most of the DVDs in that store already. D:

He so damn funny. Wish I got his name. xD
hahahahahahha! :]

BTW, today koko go KL cause he got a job. Don't know until when he'll be there.
Then he'll go to USA. :O LOL. awesome!
He says that his job needed him to be around the world sometimes.
So awesome! :P I think I want to change my ambition into a scientist. xD
BTW, he goes to USA for training. :)

Confession/fact; I fall in like countless times, but at countless times also I fall out of it as if it never happens.
I have an ON/OFF switch on me. Don't want to get hurt, don't play around with this girl. :D

"You dare slap my head on my Monday I tell my dady" :P
I laugh because of him during dinner.
It's fun playing around.

This picture colour is awesome thanks to chacha thumb. :D
The hell I had to make my mouth like that :O

Moral-of-the-story; Never text during dinner time. It's either too rude or you'll might get choke. :]

Dhaaa ^_________^

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