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  It doesn't seems fair
Posted at 11/10/2010 03:51:00 PM
This is so cute and mostly true. :]]

Today is definitely not my day. -.-
It all started with a little vibration on my eye and everything goes BOOM! :/
People say if your left eye vibrates, it's bad luck. If your right eye vibrates it's good luck.
But for me, when it vibrates, no matter which eye, it still consider as bad luck. :/
So yeaa, not my day. D:

First, I forgot to bring my text book to return it. -______- 
Pris: Cikgu yang cantik lagi baik hati, Saya lupa bawa buku teks.
Teacher Liza: Kamu ne! cakap besar sahja twu!
Pris: aikk... Bila saya cakap saya nak bawa buku hari ne?! D:

Then, I went to find Vivia to ask her to sign my letter.
Her class is Lower 6 Merah. :p 
I thought their class was the first class at block D. So I went there but nobody was there.
I figured they go to the lab or something, so me and Cass went there, but the Lower 6 Beta was the only class that uses the lab. So I went to the computer lab. The Lower 6 Alpha was there. =.=
Then Cass say, "You know, they are only 4 classes at block C ground floor"
Then I think, "Not lower 6 only got 4 class?" Then I just realized, Lower 6 Merah is beside Lower 6 Beta.
But then, when I asked George, he said, he said, HE SAID. :// Vivia didn't come to school.
So angry. angry. angry!

Then I lose my appetite during recess. xD 
Don't know why? LOL
I even felt like puking. -.- Lucky I wasn't hungry after that. :p

Then, when I want to go up my block, I swing my phone pouch.
SWING.SWING.SWING. so happy go lucky like that. xD
Then when arrived Gregory class, -.- my pouch zip suddenly open. :O
My phone flew out D: and knock against Gregory class. D:
The efff! wtf.... 
My phone scratch D: uhuhuhuhuuh!
Must be pass Gregory that's why I bad luck. xDxD


Then he also no time see me :/
So I emo in class. xDxD ahahhahaha!

But then, there was one good thing about today. well, maybe one of the Good thing. :p
Madam Elizabeth was checking on the prefects on duty at the parking lot in the morning.
I was late cause I walk around with Husna. xD and cause my watch spoilt. :/
So I was like five minutes late?
But Rodney came later. Daphne didn't come. When Rodney came, Madam Elizabeth saw his shoes.
Whoa! so not the proper shoes to wear. So she scold Rodney. LOL
I was wearing an improper shoes too! Gold stripes, with pretty sparkly shoelace :3
Then Madam Elizabeth observe him some more. :p
He was wearing his gf hair telephone wire band :3 LOLOL. Then Madam Elizabeth was like all mad. xD
I was wearing my white telephone wire, I quickly take it off. :P
ahahaha! she didn't scold me. xD
I know she wants to see my shoes too, but I quickly call her before she gets the chance to look down. :P

Suddenly after recess, he text saying his at canteen. :p
I skip Cikgu Leslie class. Heyy, he wasn't even teaching. + + Many other humans disappear before recess too after giving back the text book. So only me, Cass, Olga, Husna, Josh, Syikin, Emi, Desmond, Sylvester, Voon, Choon Zon, Rodney was in class. :p
So anyways, he texted me saying he was at the canteen. xD
So me, Olga, Husna, Josh walked to canteen. :p 
I saw him with yiming and that other guy. x)
And I also saw Renee! :D
So after buy ABC, (appetite come back dy), I sit and talked with Renee. :p
He shy. XDXD

Then after I finish eat, finish talk with Renee, I walked back to class with them Olga.
Then he came down from his block, (LOL he also escape class) with Yiming. 
I go near him, :p and kick him. see his reaction. XDXD
He didn't do anything. HE'S SHY. :DD
So I ran back to class :p lalalalallalalalalalalalalallalalalala!

After school, around 12.19pm Cikgu Akmal come in.
She say got luar Sidang. :p bleekk, i didn't go + + not many people in class.
So I fled. and, and. Got PUM meeting anyways :p
I got my PUM salary dy :DD

Then Cikgu Hafiz say got PUM gathering. 
But I couldn't go. D: the eff they set the date when dady go KL. =.= 
Nevermind. I don't really like pizza hut anyway. 
LOL. the cheese so...... :DD

Confession/fact; Sometimes, I pretend not to like something but actually I want it too. Cause sometimes it's either I just want to give in, or sometimes I really hate it but want it at the same time. LOLOL
Understand? :D

Single doesn't always mean lonely and Relationship doesn't always mean happy.

Moral-of-the-story; Just because people are doing it, doesn't mean you have too.

Dhaaaa ;]


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