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  Lolipop :D
Posted at 11/03/2010 04:00:00 PM
Before I blog about yesterday, I would like to showcase some past-photos. xD
eyerrr2.. sound like what. :D

Me and Belinda :]
I look so flushed and cheesy? o.O

Selection 5th Anniversary.

The red guy is Azmi and the stripy chinese guy is Joe.

wtf. are they trying to push a big washing machine into that small kenari. :P

oh2, was so lazy to edit it. xD

Syamsul gave me a lollipop yesterday. xD


Yesterday is Chemistry exam! :X
Death! LOL
Confirm fail for this one. haha! xD
I was even sleeping while doing it. :PP
 with my hand holding my pencil and position as if I'm doing my test but my eyes were close. XD
That is epic. It's the first time I've done that before :PP
But yeaa, don't know why during physic and chemistry, I felt so damn sleepy. :P

I woke up late this morning. :O
Well, not me lh. :P But my whole house. haha! My mum was suppose to wake my big sis up at 5am.
But I ended waking up her at 5.20am. Thanks to Jason Derulo. :D
Otherwise I wouldn't even be at school this morning. :P

Ehm. Then, this morning EST test paper 1 & 2. :P
But I was too lazy to take the subject so I wasn't in the test. :]
It's like a comprising subject of chemistry, biology and physic, only easier!

So while the EST students took their test, which is from 7+ till 10.15am. o.O
Whoaa! LOL
Me, Cass talk, talk. :]
She said my life is so boring and meaningless till we sometimes have nothing to talk about. D:
I was like, "ehh. no wonder my blog feels boring this few days" :PP

And Sejarah paper 1 was okay. :]
I had difficulties doing the islam bab :( Haiz.
But nevermind. :)

I gave Syamsul a letter. xD
In the hope he will resist from reading it till he's seated in the aeroplane.
I don't believe he can manage to stand not reading it.
xD ahhaha!
BTW, he's going to KL later. woo~
He'll miss Sivik and PJK test tomorrow and tomorrow-tomorrow. :]


My tooth gum is aching like hell. D:
I think my latest teeth is growing. TT.
Now I know why babies cry without a reason. Cause their teeth are growing and it damn hurts!

Confession/fact; Yes. Look does matter to me. xP sorry. I'm ashame of myself too. D:

"I know he came to school cause I was busy staring at him. But then his friend saw me and I panic and quickly look in front"

Moral-of-the-story; When the world says, "Give Up." Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

Dhaaa! ^^


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