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Posted at 11/22/2010 03:42:00 PM
I've seen a lot of different types of breakups and trust me nothing's pretty :pp

I can name them all, em, but maybe not all but yeaa, some. :D

before that, I want to say that OMG WTF HOLIDAY SO BORING. TT
all I did was watch drama, online, text, eat, sleep, bath. -.-
And I had the urge, to blog, but I have nothing to blog, so I made myself a list of things to blog. 

ahaha! so my blog this holiday would be pretty random and maybe boring? :pp
But I blog just to satisfy my own lust for blogging. :D
ngehehehe :33


Or some would prefer, Breakups.
It still mean the same anyway. ahhaha! ;D

Heading towards the end of 2010, or maybe school year, I see so many breakups. 
I see so many fights, friendships are tear apart.
But for today, I'll just blog about breakups. :)) 

I myself have been into those kind of situations a lot of time, and yet in each time, I tend to gather more life experience. and finally maybe, probably this year, I have learn about and how to live my life.
What to avoid? What to get close to? Or maybe. 
because life is full of surprises, God is never asleep, He is always there for us. He'll give us test, challenges not because He wants to, but because He needs to. He needs to teach us how to live the life he gave to us years ago. He let us get hurt over and over again not because He hates us, but because He loves us so much, that He wants us to learn from everything so that one day we will finally succeed on walking through all the obstacles he given us. 
We will learn not to give up to easily.

So breakups? Examples of them are ; 

Sara: Why didn't he text me? D: it's been a month since he did. TT he's not dead i know cause he's twitter is updating. 
~ Silence breakup. It's when one person from the couple doesn't want to hurt the other person. So he just leave without notice.

Lenny: I'm sorry. But my parents disapprove us and I don't think I want to disobey them because they're the ones who brought me up.
~ Disapproval by another party
But sometimes,,
~ it can mean that one person doesn't want to hurt the other person so that person use lame reason to breakup


-NayNay couldn't stand Ethan bad habit
NayNay: I'm breaking up with you.
Ethan: whhhy? :/
NayNay: Trust me. It's not you, It's me. I just want to be alone.
~ Lying and dying for a breakup.

NayNay: You're cheating on me! I'm breaking with you! You know for once I thought we actually have something in common
~ One person gets caught for cheating. So typical.

or something similar

Ethan: You pretend to be Sara for me to practice for our anniversary tomorrow. I don't want to ruin it.
NayNay: sure whatever. :)
-Ethan & NayNay at a restaurant pretending to date-
-Sara pass by-
Sara: I can't believe this! How could my own bestfriend do this to me?! And you! you lying scumbag no good of a boy! On the eve of our anniversary! OMG! I'm breaking up with you!
~ Misunderstanding. It happens. But before breakingup, investigate first otherwise when the truths come out,  regrets will come out too. But usually, they'll get back together after the misunderstanding is resolve.


Ethan: You're always with Lenny! You never make time for me! Just breakup if you no longer love me.
~ Jealousy. Does it mean, that, if you're in a relationship, you're suppose to be at distance with the society?

-Two days after Ethan and NayNay together-
Ethan: Let's breakup. Sorry, It's not you, It's me. I still miss Sara.
~ If you still love your ex, better don't be in a relationship. It's like giving your partner hope that they can actually change you and you actually love them.


Sara: Let's just be friends. I'm not used to us.
~ Similar to above. Sometimes when your partner says this, it's either they mean it or not. When they don't mean it, it's either they don't/can't love you or they're just using you at first.

Sara: I wonder what happen to Lenny? He changed. I know. we used to text everyday. But now, it's like two days three or four texts and he's gone for the day. Is he cheating on me?
-One day she couldn't stand it-
Sara: I don't know what happen but let's just breakup. (didn't even bother to ask what happen)
~ This could mean that one partner is bored with the other so he decided to limit their texts and usually love inside that partner is less than the first time he/she love the other partner
the other partner doesn't want to breakup because they don't want to hurt the other partner feelings.
~ one partner is busy and the other is thinking to much

Lenny: It's hard for me to love you since we're in a long distance relationship. We barely do anything together. Holding on to you, it hurts because all I feel is emptiness. Let's breakup. Sorry I don't know any other way to tell you, I don't want to keep on lying to you at the same time hurt myself.
~ Long distance relationship. if you can handle them, than it's no problem. But if it's hard for you to meet, better don't be in one. They say, "Being together makes love maintain. And being apart makes love grow stronger". Maybe it's true. But I doubt all distance relationship couple can hardly feel love. This type of relationship is boring, frankly speaking.

The antonym of long distance relationship is short distance.

Sara: You're always here! you never give me space to breath. I have a life to you know. we're not married so stop treating me like I'm you wife. Tell me what to do and not to do. Force me to see you when I'm busy. You don't let me to hang with my friends. At first it's okay, but now, I'm getting fed-up with you.
~ To short distance relationship. It's sometimes annoying to be control so much that freedom is just another word that doesn't exist next to forever.

Ethan: Hey, we fight to much and I'm getting tired of this. Let's just give each other freedom. It's the best for us.
~ Fights. To much fight is bad, but to little fight is bad too. To much means you're not compatible, To little means you don't care. Keep it moderate. 

Moral-of-the-story; Life is full with ups and downs but with God in it. Never try to give up. :)

Dhaaa ;D


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