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  Story Board 2#
Posted at 11/01/2010 07:50:00 PM

An empty set of a piano
Hide&seek around the mirror.

The melody of the piano that's playing on and on, the songs that never ends, just filled my days when you're not here. Those countless times, those scribbles on the calendar.
Since the last time I hug you, i knew you would be mine forever even when you're gone
and you promised you'll be back even if it takes you a million days to walk home.
I stare at your picture, and wonder to the last time I have you in my arms. It was a dark and rainy night. We were fighting so hard and I know we didn't want that to happen. 
So I held you as tight as possible hoping you would know how much I cared for us. 
But suddenly you faint and I didn't know what to do, your parents weren't home.
Four days later, I was at your funeral.
When I went back home, I stare at the piano we used to play our favorite songs on together. 
Up at the corner of the piano was a piece of paper. Your letter. It's like you expected you would die and I didn't like it. 
But baby, I know you'll be back. My feelings telling me this, that you're never gone. I could feel your presence around me. It's like you're playing hide and seek like we used to, but I couldn't find you anywhere, and that feeling hurts.

This is my dream. :] I wonder what's the meaning? haha!
I woke up, and quickly write this down before I forget it. :PP


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