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  Live your life to the fullest
Posted at 11/09/2010 05:22:00 PM
Have you ever notice how time fly so fast without you even notice it?
I've seen so many tears breaking event this few days. Like the graduation day for the kindergarten children and the graduation day for the grown up teenagers.
From the carefree, cheerful, happy-go-lucky kindergarten kids we are, to the ambition, thoughtful, grown up.
And before we know it, we're already graduating from University and is about to take our life to the next level.

I used to like those bruises I got when I was a little child, it hurts but not for long.

Isn't it nerve-wrecking to know that soon we'll be like our mommy and daddy.
Trying to survive life, trying to cope up with all those grown-ups issue, trying to feed us.
And the worst is getting tired of working and still have to pay the bills even try to make us happy.
Soon it be our turn. 

I remember how I used to play the bike with my neighbors.

And every single fun thing is going to end the moment we choose to move on with our life.
It be fun, but not as fun as those days in our childhood calendars.
So care-free and cheerful :)

Live your life to the fullest and you'll never regret.


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