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  The stars lean down
Posted at 11/01/2010 07:20:00 PM

How's today? :]
I'm tired. I got toothache D: My body feels like lactic acid is dancing inside there. TT
I sleep, and never can wake up. D:
I wake up and never can sleep. LOL. =.= But yeaa,, seriously :PP

Today is Physics test. 
But I barely study last night, cause I was busy watching tv. xD
But this morning I studied my ass off.
ehm, that's a lie. But I did study :PP while talking with Cass :33
But during the test, I felt so tired, and sleepy and my head was so heavy D:
why I have to feel fever at that moment. 
No other moment is it? D:
I play eenie-meenie-miniee-mo mostly at the back part.
Tsk2, im disappointed in myself. TT

Tomorrow is Chemistry.
For this one, I really need to study. :]] 
I'll study after this, and wanna watch Sunkyungkwan Scandal at 9pm. :PP

I love korean, Korean, Korean. :D
I see a Korean citizenship 20 years later on my hand. :]
Man, I dream a lot. :/
Which reminds me of a dream. :PP 
Next post lh. :33

I nothing to write. D: nothing much happen. haiz.

Buuu those form 3. D:
They so fun after PMR, go on outings, do dance-off. >.<
We form 3 last year, just do the poco2 dance and also hear speeches.
Always like that,, >=(

I'm Syamsul and I'm Gay. :]]

Confession/fact; I purposely talk loudly when I see the people who used to maybe still dislike me. :P
I don't know why? xD

I'm innocent. :)

Moral-of-the-story; Nothing last forever. 

Dhaaa ;]


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